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「BORDERLESS HOUSE UNOKI3」 opened in May 2014

A new Borderless House opened in May, 2014!

The share house which is the first property designer for Share House in East Japan has been opened!! That is BORDERLESS HOUSE UNOKI3! There is a balcony at the center of the share house and each room surround it. It is such a open structured share house that would generate-active communication! There are many parks and grounds for sports along the Tama river, so this share house is recommended for people who like outdoor activities! Why not start your new life with Japanese and people from all over the world in such a fantastic share house? [House photos of Unoki3 Share House] There are 8 private Rooms!  

[Unoki3 Share House's Location]

8 mins walk from Unoki station, Tokyu Tamagawa Line The number of our fun international share houses is increasing constantly. May the empty rooms soon be filled with your joy and laughter! We hope you will enjoy your new life at one of our share houses. Please check the details of BORDERLESS HOUSE UNOKI3 !
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