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New share house was opened in Asagaya area near Shinjuku!

A New House opens in Asagaya, a popular area in Western Tokyo!

Lining up with Nakano, Koenji, Ogikubo and Kichijoji, Asagaya conveniently located on the JR Chuo Line, and it takes only 10 minutes to Shinjuku. Three stations are in walking distance from the house: Ogikubo, JR Asagaya and Asagaya Station on the Metro Marunouchi Line! Right behind the house is a public bath where you can experience a traditional Japanese atmosphere. Why don`t you take a bath and relax with your housemates?

Photos of Asagaya Share House

Location of Asakgaya

8mins on foot from Minami Asagaya Station (Marunouchi Line ) 10mins to Shinjuku Station., 21mins to Shibuya  Staiton. [Floor Plan] 4 Private Rooms 2 Shared Rooms The number of our fun international share houses is increasing constantly. May the empty rooms soon be filled with your joy and laughter! We hope you will enjoy your new life at one of our Asagaya Share House.
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