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We Held Coffee and Chai Workshop Event in Shinjuku Honancho House!!

Hello! This is Kohei from Borderless House.

We held a “Coffee and Chai Workshop Event” the other day at our newly opened Borderless House Shinjuku-honancho.

The Hongo-sanchome based 「FARO COFFEE & CATERING」 helped us out as instructors, explained how to brew delicious coffee (even as a beginner) and shared lots of other helpful information.

On the day, a total of 20 people came to the event - not only tenants of Shinjuku-honancho House, but people from other houses as well as ex-tenants participated.

Let’s start off with a beginner’s guide to coffee!

First of all, we learned about coffee beans, the taste difference according to each production area, and coffee history. The participants actively asked questions such as what the world’s best bean is, or how many coffee varieties there are.

Next, we learned the simple way to brew coffee as well as the proper way.

After observing the instructor’s way to do it, we tried it ourselves. It was fascinating to all of us to learn a whole new way to brew coffee!

By tasting and comparing the coffee we brewed ourselves, we noticed how the taste and color changes entirely depending on the way it was brewed.

Next on the schedule: Brewing Chai!

Chai has become more and more popular these days. While you can normally only drink it at a café, let’s see how to make it on your own.

Everyone kept filming the instructor while he showed how to do it.

And on top of that, we even learned how to cook a good omelet!

We all enjoyed the lunch FARO made for us.

Visits from Neighbors

During the event, the house’s terrace became an open space, and we shared some coffee and chai with the neighbors who visited.

While passing by the house, they took the opportunity to play in the hammock, take a peek at the event, and get an impression of the “Borderless” atmosphere!

  We hope to continue creating a space where people from the neighborhood, people of all generations can come together!

Even after the event, the tenants shared their positive impressions about how they became even more interested in coffee and chai, and how they realized that brewing coffee in a delicious way does not have to be hard.

And during the workshop, the participants not only had the chance to learn more about coffee and chai, but also to interact with each other too by brewing coffee or making omelet together.

Please check out the event we held in Kansai too!

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