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If you are...
  • Looking for a room on a limited budget
  • Looking for a place to stay temporarily only for the short term
  • Wanting to make local Japanese friends
  • Wanting to put yourself in a new environment where you can practice Japanese every day
This is your chance!!
Enjoy RENT-FREE at International Share Houses in Japan
Why now?
Because BORDERLESS HOUSE is now offering you a rent-free room for up to 2 months!The minimum stay is 1 month and this is a great opportunity to take a taste of what it is like living with people from around the world! Half of the tenants are Japanese, so you can make local Japanese friends and learn Japanese language while staying in international share houses in Tokyo, Osaka and Kyoto!We have more than 30 houses for you to choose from!
Two ways to contact us!
If your specific requirements (area, budget, moving time, etc.) are fixed, please send us an inquiry form for a further consultation.