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Trial StayTrial Stay

If you are...
  • Looking for a room on a limited budget
  • Looking for a place to stay for a short term
  • Wanting to make local Japanese friends
  • Wanting to put yourself in a new environment where you can practice Japanese every day
This is your chance!!
2-month RENT-FREE rooms  at International Share Houses in Japan
Why now?
BORDERLESS HOUSE is offering "Trial Stay" for those who wants to experience share house life in Japan with a minimum budget.  We want to give not only financial support to foreigners living in Japan, but also a warm community where you can learn new language skills and build everlasting friendships! In Tokyo, Osaka, and Kyoto, we have more than 30 houses for you to choose from!
Regarding the Definitions of "Trial Stay Period" and fees
  • ① Move-in on Nov. 15th
    • 2-month Trial Stay period : From Nov 15th to Jan 14th (Rent-free for 2 months, only need to pay utilities)
    • Regular contract starts on Jan 15 (Start to pay the rent and utilities as usual)
  • ② Move-in on Dec 1st
    • 2-month Trial Stay period : From Dec 1st to Jan 31st (Rent-free for 2 months, only need to pay utilities)
    • Regular contract starts on Feb 1st (Start to pay the rent and utilities as usual)※Moving out before the Trial Stay period ends is possible, however, all the payment that you have made (including the deposit) will not be refunded.
Regarding additional cost and contract term
*If you would like to rent the bedding set, there is an additional one-time rental fee - 9,000 yen. (Bedding set includes a sheet, mattress pad, futon, futon cover, pillow, pillow cover, and blanket.)
*Minimum stay is two months for this campaign. We make a 1-year contract at first with an agreement form that indicates the campaign terms, then you can adjust the term of your contract by giving us 30 days moving out notice.
Are you interested in Trial Stay Campaign?
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Two ways to contact us!
If your specific requirements (area, budget, moving time, etc.) are fixed, please send us an inquiry form for a further consultation.