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Quarantine Support ServiceQuarantine Support Service

Regulations after arriving in Japan
  • 2 weeks quarantine is required
  • Not allowed to use public transportation until complete the quarantine
Complicate process to book accommodation for quarantine
A lot of baggage
Stress and loneliness of quarantine
helps you
More reasonable than booking on your own
It would cost ¥70,000 to ¥100,000 to book a place for 2-week quarantine in Japan. However, this plan is ¥65,000 (¥49,000 for Kansai) and moreover, Transportation is included. (You need to apply this plan at least 10 days before your arrival date)
Have a great time while you are in quarantine
Don't waste your time and join our online activity!
We can connect you with your housemates even before you move in to Borderless House.
Make full use of the advantages of your 2 weeks quarantine time at BORDERLESS HOUSE!
We offer full support to minimize your worries and help you start an exciting new beginning with a new version of yourself. Getting ready for a new chapter of your life in Japan!
Two ways to contact us!
If your specific requirements (area, budget, moving time, etc.) are fixed, please send us an inquiry form for a further consultation.