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Quarantine Support ServiceQuarantine Support Service

Make full use of the advantages of your 2 weeks quarantine time at BORDERLESS HOUSE!
We offer full support to minimize your worries and help you start an exciting new life in Seoul!
※If you are only looking for a room for quarantine, we can also help you to find it. Please check the details below.

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How to Use

※Staffs can speak English.
  • Reserve Borderless House first. (Email → Skype → Confirm)(If you only look for the quarantine room, skip this step)
  • Share your arrival date and confirm the room with staff.
  • When Room meets you, you transfer the quarantine fee right away to confirm.
  • Once you transfer, you get the self-check in manual which has all information.(How you do after arriving at airport, how you come to quarantine room and etc.)
  • Follow reservation email for Borderless House to pay initial payment.
  • After you arrive in Korea, please follow manual to check in quarantine room.
  • Before quarantine is over, Staffs contact in advance for your move in.
  • ※. If you are wondering the way how other people did before, please check our blog >> Helpful Information
Cancellation Policy
For paying the quarantine and commission fee,
  • -Quarantine fee is different and it depends on a type of rooms. When you share the date to arrive in Korea, we start finding a room for your quarantine and inform of the amount of a room as soon as we find.
  • -Commission fee for Borderless tenants is 150,000 KRW. This includes the support of some water and instant noodles before you arrive for a few days.
  • -Commission fee for those who just need a room for their quarantine is 300,000 KRW. This includes the support of some water and instant noodles before you arrive for a few days.
  • -We also share how to order the groceries by online and they are usually delivered in front of the door within 3 days.(Your foreign cards are working as well)
  • -About the way to transfer, we always suggest 'Transferwise' as it is the fastest and easiest system.
For cancellation of quarantine after paying,
If you cancel the quarantine service, 200,000 KRW will be charged as the cancellation fee.
Feel free to message us through SNS
If your specific requirements (area, budget, moving time, etc.) are fixed, please send us an inquiry form for a further consultation.