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  • 20's
  • Half year stay
  • Private room
  • 2nd time Korea
  • Intermediate Korean

First, please introduce yourself!!

Hi there, when you are reading this I am probably sitting in a cafe with my warm coffee working on a new design for a game. My name is Max and I am a freelance designer/artist working in the gaming industry. I spent my time traveling different countries while working as a freelancer wherever I go. Two years ago I found out about Borderless House and since then I have been living here whenever possible.

Easy way to meet new people and get some help from Local

The reason why you chose Borderless House.

The reason I am staying in Borderless House is because it is a great place to meet new people, both locals and foreigners. When traveling all the time it can be hard to make new friends when you arrive, however with Borderless House I always have a place to call home, filled with friendly people from all over the world. Whenever I go to a new and unknown place there is always someone to help me out, whether it is with the language, information about the area or simply to hang out and have a good time.

Always new experience to share how I live with friends

Good points to live in Borderless House

In the house there are usually 5 to 10 other tenants, from different countries and with different backgrounds. With so many people in a house there is always something interesting to do, fun stories to hear or new experiences to share. I personally enjoy cooking and can share everything that I cook with my housemates, as well as learning new recipes from them. I have also had a lot of times where I would come home, and the table in the living room would be filled with free food and snacks that everyone brought home.

Different life style helps to find the solution

Something uncomfortable while staying at Borderless House.

The downside of having so many different people and personalities in a house is that it can be hard to match everyone’s habits and living style. So you will have the occasional conflict and arguments about cleaning schedules. However, in general, everyone living in a share house is very considerate about each other and usually it is not a big problem to find a solution that is okay for everyone. I recommend sticking to a quite strict cleaning schedule to prevent the house from becoming a big mess, it is very surprising how fast that can happen with 10 people in one house!

Get more than what you think through Borderless House!

Please make some words for future possible tenants.

So far I have stayed in a few different Borderless Houses in Seoul and made use of their (free!) house exchange program to visit Tokyo for three weeks and had an amazing trip to Kyoto for another month. During these trips I have met a lot of great people, visited a lot of places, ate, drank, partied, studied, played, worked and enjoyed every second of it. Right now my coffee is starting to get cold and it is time to head back home, so I will leave you with this last sentence: If you come to Borderless House with an open mind for new experiences and an interest in making new friends then you are going to have a great time here!

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