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Language Exchange with Global Overseas Adoptees' Link!

Hello, this is Borderless House Seoul! As you might already know, there are three Tenants-Only Programs only for the tenants who are staying in Borderless House. From those programs, we would like to share one of our latest orientation we had with a member of an organization which is called Global Overseas Adoptees' Link! We normally match a tenant to other tenant for Language Exchange. But this time, we had a chance to work together with Global Overseas Adoptees' Link! So we are going to participate one of their famous and important program holding for adoptees, 'Motherland Tour' and also, we are going to match our tenants who are interested in Language Exchange to their members who are  interested in this program either. Before sharing this wonderful experience with Global Overseas Adoptees' Link, we would like to introduce this organization briefly to all of you. Global Overseas Adoptees' Link (G.O.A.'L) is an organization founded in Seoul, South Korea. Since it is founded by Adoptee and founded for Adoptee, they are offering many services for adoptee who is searching for their birth family such as Birth family search assistance/ translation & interpretation, visa procedure and Social gathering etc. And this time, we had an orientation for Language Exchange Program between our tenant Minkyeong and Ellyn from Global Overseas Adoptees' Link. Minkyeong is currently staying in one of share houses in Borderless, and Ellyn is from USA and currently working as a English teacher in Seoul. Minkyeong has an experience of staying in USA for her exchange semester in University, so they had conversation to share their experience of staying in USA. Also, Ellyn had shared her hilarious experience in Seoul for us. It was their first time to meet each other, but there were so friendly! They had about 3 hours of orientation in Borderless House Seoul office, and they said they will have a dinner together in a few days. We hope them improve their language skill and be a good friend for each other!

* Tenants Only Program

If you need more information for language exchange program, or if you want to apply for this program, please refer the link from the below for contacting staff of Borderless House!
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