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a small world in Seoul where young people 
from all around the world live in one house
and exchange cultures and languages!

Hello! We are "Borderless House Korea",
a sharehouse for cultural exchanges!


Hello, Everyone!
This is Borderless House Korea.

a beautiful snowy landscape of winter in Seoul!
The weather is way too cold to visit Korea in winter,
but still it's worth it because this landscape is
can only be seen in this season.

To fully enjoy this winter wonderland,
we had gathered and spent our time together.
For the community event for November,
we've been visited the Lotte World Ice Skate Link!


Ice skating, Running, Soccer, Basketball, Tennis..
Sports giving us more fun if we have mates who can do with us!
and here are the mates for you, in our Borderless House. :) 

Friends from all around the world includes Korean.
You can hang out with these
and also study Korean language at the same time.

Us, Borderless House Seoul make an community event for a month.
Various tenants of our 5 houses are gathered in this event day,
and hanging around together.


This ice skating day was especially attended
by many foreign mates living in Korea!


Since they can enjoy all the amusement parks and leisure activities that are a bit burdensome to come alone in Korea, so the mates couldn't help but had been satisfied :)

Our mates were so busy to taking pictures even though they were just wearing skates! Amusement parks seem to have a charm that makes everyone go back to their childhood.




Deeds are better than words,
Ice skating helps each other to make friends faster!

On this day, housemates who are good at ice skating were with us,
but the mates who is in the beginner level that barely can take a step also participated.

Skating with nobody would be dangerous situation if you were alone.
However, our foreign mates come up to the beginner mates and help them first.

It was a very safe and fun time
because they taught the mates how to ride it in detail
and stayed with them until the end.


Gangnam, Wangsimni, Koryodae,..
have friends living all over Seoul!


On this ice skating day
the housemates of Gangnam, Koreodae 2, and 3
mainly participated.

Borderless House has 5 sharehouses in various areas in Seoul, such as Korea University, Hongdae, Gangnam, Wangsimni, etc.

So this community event is not just the time for making a friends who live in the same house, it's more like making a new mates who are from other houses. It's a great chance to get close to new friends!




Borderless House is a cultural exchange share house where you can have Korean neighbors right next door just by starting living alone, and you can naturally become friends while living together!

It's an opportunity to enjoy a new daily life with a new friend in your daily life, even if you don't go far away or try to find a like-minded friend.



A communal dwelling where people of various nationalities come together to communicate with each other beyond the background and culture of living with each other and join forces to create a peaceful daily life!


The Borderless House is the place where true co-living begins.

In fact, when we eat after the event and share our concerns and feelings in Korea, our staff also feel how precious and precious the relationship of housemates we met through our house.



2023 is just around the corner, but event ideas for housemates in Borderless House are a long way off!

Now, there's only one event left for 2023!
What will be waiting for the next event?

We've prepared an event that can't be missed at the end of the year, so please look forward to the next review! :)


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