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[December/Community Event] Merry Christmas Party!


    a small world in Seoul where young people
    from all around the world live in one house
    and exchange cultures and languages!

    Hello! We are "Borderless House Korea",
    a sharehouse for cultural exchanges!

    Hello! This is Borderless House Korea.

    Especially at the end of December,
    I feel happier and warmer because
    there are so many fun times with good people.

    Also, at the end of December,
    we can't leave out one thing when
    we talk about the romance of winter!



    Happy Merry Christmas,
    Borderless House Seoul Housemates!


    The beauty of winter that everyone loves!
    We can't let Christmas pass by with nothing.

    To make this Christmas special,
    our Borderless House held a cultural exchange party
    with housemates from 5 houses of Seoul branch.

    Our housemates living in our houses located in various parts of Seoul,
    including Korea University, Hongdae, Wangsimni, and Gangnam,
    gathered together and had a great time.


    From planning to organizing and proceeding,
    the Christmas party is all the more reassuring
    because the staff is with us

    Borderless House, where young people
    from all over the world want cultural exchanges live together.

    In order to help the hot interest in such
    cultural exchange lead to happier and more valuable results,
    Borderless House is holding a community event so that
    housemates can gather and exchange culture.

    This party was also a party where staff Robin did his best,
    decorating the house himself, and hosting mini-games in the middle of the party.


    Party was even better because of its variety
    of nationalities and gender


    Since 3 out of 5 share houses in Seoul in Borderless House Seoul are
    women-only houses, there have been not many cases where male mates participate when a party is held.

    However, there were four male members at this party this time!
    It was a special and enjoyable time because
    it was a gathering of young people from six countries:
    Korea, Japan, Germany, France, Spain, and the United States.


    The conversation topics from the party were also very diverse and deep.

    From everyday topics such as difficulties in studying Korean and special hobbies that can only be enjoyed in Korea, to social issues such as low birth rates and gender issues in Korea, we talked about various topics.




    It was fun to study Korean proverbs together as well

    In the middle of the party, one of our mates
    suddenly opened up a questionnaire for tomorrow's exam!
    Turns out that's because the Korean proverb was too difficult,
    so the mate asked others who came to the party for help.

    Rather than being surprised or embarrassed,
    it was great to see them laughing and trying to interpret it.

    Since it is an opportunity for Koreans to explain
    our language in English and for foreigners to learn
    the Korean language through English,
    isn't this an experience that can only be experienced in Borderless House?



    "I think it was a good thing to come to Korea this year!
    I liked it because it was a borderless house."


    When asked how this year was, our housemates
    answered that their daily lives in the share house
    were really enjoyable and happy.

    They also said that they felt like they had a never-before-seen family,
    and that the process of transforming Korean and foreign cultures
    into a new living culture where they lived together was meaningful.

    We, Borderless House, are also satisfied
    if the year of our housemates in our share house was fun!




    We are looking for new tenants for the next year!


    I wrote down the unforgettable review of the
    Merry Christmas Party with my housemates in advance.


    Like this year when we had fun and warm time together,
    next year's Borderless House is looking forward to opening up with new tenants.

    Gangnam, Korea University, Wangsimni, Hongdae!
    We always wait for our housemates to experience
    cultural and language exchanges that will never happen again
    at share houses located around Seoul!

    Then, please look forward to
    Borderless House's 2024 New Year's event!

    Merry Christmas to all!


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