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  • Can I move-in even though I cannot speak local language?
    There are many tenants at Borderless House who do not speak local language or have just started studying, or who visit that country for the first time. Furthermore, the local housemates moving to Borderless House are interested in foreign languages and cultures, and many of them would like to speak English in daily life. Your housemates will be happy to help you in difficult situations, and many people have actually improved their language skills after moving in. Don’t worry!
  • I haven't received any reply after I send email few days ago. What should I do?
    If you use hotmail or livemail, there are some cases that you cannot receive emails from us because of the security settings of your email account.
Even if you change your settings to give a permission to receive email from us,
you might still have same issues.
    Therefore, please refer the link below to register our email addresses( and on your contact lists.
    Please refer the link below to register our email addresses on your contact lists.