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【Tenant Interview】What's good in Borderless House?

Annyeonghaseyo! This is Borderless House Seoul.
Summer has gone and it is getting good weather day by day!

This time's topic is the interview of a tenant.

We had an interview with Minji, who has lived in Chungjeongno1 House about her share house life in Borderless House.

Why sharehouse? What was good in Borderless House?
If you haven't lived in a share house and if you are interested in living in a sharehouse, please check it out!

"After traveling abroad, I wanted to know more about other countries' culture."

At first, why did you need to move to a new place?

Minji:  My university is far from Seoul. I needed to do an intern in Seoul for two months during summer vacation so I was looking for an accommodation where I can stay for a short time.

Staff:  I see. If you choose a share house, the room is furnished and the deposit is cheap so I agree that it is good for a person who wants to live for a short time. What kind of internship was it by the way?

Minji:  I'm studying pharmacy so I'm doing an internship at a hospital. We have to do that in order to get the credit.

Staff:  Wow, so cool..!!!!

Minji: My housemates reacted the same when I was washing my white coat at the common space. lol

(Minji and Staff Ayako)

Why did you choose Borderless House?

Minji: A few months ago, I just traveled in Europe for a month. It was really fun so I wanted to know more about other countries' culture or languages even after my travel. The concept of Borderless House was perfect for me.

And the staff in Borderless House was really nice so I got a good impression. Her way to explanation was really clear. I appreciate her help!

Staff: We are so glad to hear that! Thank you! Did you think about other share houses, too?

Minji: I had room viewing for the other two companies' share houses. They have only Korean tenants and  I couldn't see how they enjoy their life together so I didn't get interested in them.

Borderless House is located close to the station and I like the area. The security is nice, too.

(Chungjeongno1 House is a really active community!)

Discussion at Han River

-How was the life in Borderless House?

Minji: I really enjoyed my stay here for 2 months. I enjoyed meals, drinking, hanging out and even clubbing with my housemates from various countries!

Staff: What is your most impressive memory?

Minji: It's the discussion at Han River with my housemates. lol

We went there with my housemates from Switzerland, Germany and Japan. We put the picnic sheets and we were enjoying talking but it became a big discussion while seeing nice sunset. lol

Staff: Discussion on the picnic sheet! How cool! lol

Minji: We were talking about the cultural differences between Asia and Europe and also about how we accept it and live in different country. The way how to accept the cultural difference was different by person so we told our own opinion each other and it became a big discussion.

Staff: How did the discussion end? Didn't you feel any awkward after that?

Minji: Not at all. We didn't have a same opinion but it is natural and we ended up with the agreement that there were lots of way of thinking and opinions.

Staff: Yeah, I agree that we don't need to have a same opinion and it is important to get to know many ways of thinking. Did you talk in English?

Minij: Yes. I'm not good at speaking in English but we usually use gestures or translation app when we have difficulties.

(At Han River!)

Following the basic rule is important.

-Did you have any inconvenience in daily life?

Minji: The washing machine was a bit old and we needed more light in the stairs.

Staff: Oh I see. Sorry to hear that..!!!!

Minji: No worries! lol There were rules for taking out the trash and we have to tell our housemates in advance when we invite our friends to the house. So even if we have different culture, we follow the rules and live in comfort.

(Taking out trash chore in Chungjeongno1 house)

You can have many friends from other countries!

-As a final question, To whom would you like to recommend Borderless House?

Minji: Like me, who needs to live in Seoul for a short term. And also people who are living alone, feeling lonely or who wants to have simulations in life and people who wants to have friends from various countries!

Staff: I see. If you live in Borderless House, you can meet people who you don't meet in daily life, right?

Minji: Yes, if I didn't live in Borderless House, I didn't go club nor have a discussion. We lived together so we could become close. Even after my move out, I would like to keep in touch with them.

Staff: It was a short period but we are glad that you enjoyed living in Borderless House!  Thank you very much!

Minji: Thank you!

How was the interview?  which Minji stayed is a big house which 18 people live together. This house is really nice for the people who want to meet many people!

Even if you cannot speak other languages, no problem at all! Everyone in this house has same situation. Tenants in Borderless House are living together with consideration and the mind trying to understand or respect others and helping each other.

We are looking forward to having you to our community!

★Chungjeongno1 House information is HERE!

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