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【BORDERLESS TRAVEL】Meet New People from other Share Houses of different countries!

Hello everyone! This is Daniel from BORDERLESS HOUSE.

Since the border is opened, we believe that everyone can’t wait to visit other countries! What countries do you want to visit first? I believe it’s hard to decide since there are too many beautiful countries in the world!


We’re excited to announce that we finally restart the house exchange program; BORDERLESS TRAVEL again! Through this BORDERLESS TRAVEL, we’d like to create opportunities…

For tenants who would like to interact with locals during their trip. So you could experience real life in other countries.

For tenants who would like to meet more people in the house. We want to bring new energy to the house to enrich your stay!

Living in BORDERLESS HOUSE, you could keep extending your social circle; from one house to other houses, to other countries! If you’re interested in this program. Please check the information below!


【Who can join】
Current Tenants Only (already stayed for a month)

【Program Fee】
Japan: 15,000 JPY
Taiwan: 6,500 TWD
Korea: 150,000 KRW

*Include a rental bedding set and utilities.
*You'll pay for the place that you plan to visit
*You still have to pay for the current room.

【Limitation of the Stay】
Minimum 7 days. Maximum 30 days.

【Accommodation Option】
Sorry, you won’t be able to choose the room/house. But we’ll provide a few options for you.

Application Process

➦Step1. Apply from the Application Form.
Make sure to let us know around 2 weeks in advance as it can be a little bit difficult to find a suitable house in a short time or too early.

➦Step2. Once we receive your application, we will contact you in 3 business days and give you some options. (If we don’t have any rooms acceptable now, we’ll let you know as well.)

➦Step3. After we confirm the room with you, we’ll send you the payment link for the program fee and the time for moving in/out. Please check the time and finish the payment in one day.

➦Step4. We’ll send you the confirmation email after we receive the payment.

Finally, enjoy your stay with new friends!

Something you have to know before you apply for it.

※ We don’t provide a hair dryer or any other toiletries. Please bring your own.
※ Please follow the house policy. We might shorten your stay if it’s necessary.
※ AGREE that you'll share photos and your experience with BORDERLESS HOUSE for improving this program and for the marketing purpose

Check our tenants' experiences!

Judy - from Taiwan to Tokyo

It's been 6 years since Judy moved into BORDERLESS HOUSE.

She makes a lot of friends from all over the world, but couldn't meet each other for a long time due to the pandemic. Since Japan's border is open after the long pandemic closure, Judy finally could meet her old friends in Japan and make a lot of new friends as well!

Judy stayed in the Kitasenju 2 house this time. Even though she just stayed for 7 days, the housemates still held two parties for her! She also hung out with tenants from other share houses. Everyone is so warm and full of energy! ?

Having a Takoyaki party is always a must-do in Japan! They even celebrated Judy's birthday!

You could always find something you like in this amazing city — Tokyo

After the long border closure, we could finally visit Japan.
You could stay in the downtown; Nakameguro area and Tokyo tower to walk around this beautiful city.
Or visit the suburbs spots; to see the autumn leaves? at Mt. Takao and visit the Kawagoe, known as "Little Edo" to experience the old town vibe.

When we meet the housemates again, we felt like we were back to the good old times when we lived together.
We used to take some trips, cook dinners, have language exchanges, and share our daily life in the Sharehouse.
All the good memories make the Share House more attractive to people. ?

Message from Judy: "This is a great program. Not only saving money during the trip but also meeting new friends!"

Let's check another one!

Haruka -from Tokyo to Korea

Haruka is very interested in Korean culture, so she plans to stay in Korea for a while to experience the culture deeply and expects to meet more friends who like Korean culture.

She decided to apply BORDERLESS TRAVEL to visit Korea for two weeks. Kind of “warming up” for the long-term stay in Korea! ☺

Speaking of Korea, you must put Hongdae on your bucket list.

The housemates brought her to Hongdae to try authentic Korean barbecue, fried chicken, soju, Hotteok (Korean sweet pancakes), etc.
Only spending one night in Hongdae was totally not enough to try everything!

It was during the World Cup competition, so everyone watched the live show, had dinner and cheered up for Korea and their national team together. It made everyone closer too!

There are so many unexpected winners in this World Cup.
But everyone did a great job!

Daily life in a Share House is also one of the important things.
「Hey! What are you eating?」
People always gather in the common space because of FOOD.
Culture and language exchange is part of your daily life, and you’ll unconsciously expand your horizon and improve your language skill!

Message from Haruka: "I really enjoyed drinking, play games, going to clubs, having fried chicken, and watching World Cup with everyone! "


How’s the tenants’ sharing? We hope you're excited to meet more new friends on your next trip as well!

We hope we could provide everyone with a unique living and travel experience through BORDERLESS TRAVEL.
Not only attractions and food during your trip but also the connections among people.

Because of 「SHARING」, you see the difference in this world.
You’ll deeply know and enjoy the uniqueness of every country.

We can't wait to hear the story of you and this world!

【Application Form】

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