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An International Share House with Taiwanese

People from all over the world cultivate international cultural exchange by gathering & living under the same roof.This is our
multicultural 'Community' share house 'BORDERLESS HOUSE.
BORDERLESS We are creating a community space with locals and foreigners sharing the same house. 'I wanna meet & make new local friends!' 'I wanna improve local language skills!' 'I wanna know about local culture as much as possible!'If you think so? You can experience all of them in BORDERLESS HOUSE.


Community with locals


House/room sharing with Taiwanese guaranteed!
Immerse yourself in Taiwanese culture at home!

In all houses, 50% of the tenants are Taiwanese! We also arrange nationalities within Euro-American and Asian countries to create opportunities to get in touch with a diverse language and culture! Cooking dinner, and visit local popular areas with your housemates -every day will be full of precious international exchange moments!



'A will to communicate and interact' is the most important condition for our stay!
Your language gets better in daily life at Borderless House!

Spending time with the tenants with the will to communicate and interact forms conversations. Talking about each other's countries and cultures, and hanging out together will help you make most of the time of your fun stay! Not only that, but this also helps to simultaneously improve your language skills. For the Taiwanese tenants, their biggest reason to stay in Borderless House is to make friends from all over the world!



Check out our programs that let you stay in Japan and Korea for free, and the ones specialised in language learning!
Live it up to your stay in Asia with our various programs

We offer our free 'house exchange' programme that let you stay in Borderless House Japan and Korea for free! Live it up to your life in Japan with lots of other programs too: inter-house events (e.g. BBQs and X'mas parties) to meet more Borderless House tenants, and 'language exchange' to find your language partners! Widen your circle of friends in Asia with our programs!

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A community connetcting the world.
Living with Taiwanese
is the best way to discover real Taiwan!

Let's make friends with Taiwanese and Borderless House will make your stay in Taiwan unforgettable!


Let's hear out the over 10,000 members of our ex-tenants!
Why was Borderless House the best option? What was the life like there in Borderless House?

Read 'voices of the tenants'
We are looking forward
to support you as a good partner!