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Chinese New Year, as known as the Luna New Year, based on the lunar calendar, begins on the first day of the first lunar month, which is the most important festival to celebrate in Taiwan!

Every family members will gather on Chinese New Year Eve, share a dinner and the life of the previous year.

But you must what to ask, when you living aboard here in Taiwan, what can you do and where can you go during the New Year holiday?

Don’t worry! We got a few options which you can do during that time!

Dihua Street 迪化街

If you’re looking for a place to feel the Chinese New Year atmosphere, then Dihua Street will be the best choice for you! Start from a few weeks before Chinese New Year until the end of the New Year holiday, people go there to buy Chinese New Year’s goods, so Dihua Street will become very crowed and lively.

Longshan Temple 龍山寺/行天宮

Longshan Temple was built in 1738, it’s the most well-known temple in Taiwan! During the Chinese New Year, people gather to Longshan Temple to pray for a fresh and peaceful new year, and that’s the best way to experience the new year atmosphere.

Sanxia Old Street 三峽老街

Sanxia old street was an important business center in north of Taiwan during the Japanese colonial period. For now, Sanxia old street still keeps the historical red brick buildings and became to a famous tourist spot. And the Sanxia Qingshui Zushi Temple is also a must visit spot if you visit Sanxia, it will be very lively during Chinese New Year!

Taiwan Lantern Festival 台灣燈會

The Taiwan Lantern Festival is the biggest lantern festival hosted by Tourism Bureau in Taiwan, normally takes place during mid of Feb to beginning of Mar, and the event venue will alternate at different cities every year.

This year (2019), the Taiwan Lantern Festival will be take place in Pingtung city, and according to the Chinese zodiac sign, the main lantern this year will be “Pig”, if you have chance to visit south of Taiwan during that time, you shouldn’t miss it!

Here are the few options we want to share with you! Let us know if you have some other suggestions, or if you got any cool ideas to do during CNY, share with us!

Happy Chinese New Year! Everyone!

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