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Event | Making Tang Yuan on Winter Solstice

Cold and freezing winter is coming!

Isn't it a perfect season to eat Tang Yuan?

Today we are going to review our winter event, Making Tang Yuan with BORDERLESS HOUSE. Not only learning Taiwanese traditional culture, but also enjoying the vibe of winter.

What is Winter Solstice?

Winter solstice: There are 24 solar terms in a year and winter solstice is one of the most important among all. It is also called, Rì Duǎn, which means a short day. The sun travels around the southern regression line on this day, so the days are shortest and the nights are longest in the northern hemisphere. After this day, it also means that real winter is coming in the northern hemisphere.

What do we eat on Winter Solstice?

Tang Yuan that we eat is also called "Dōng Jié Yuán" or " Yuan Zī " in the traditional way. The family will gather together and rub the glutinous rice dough into different sizes of balls on the eve of winter solstice.

Normally these Tang Yuan are available in sweet, salty, large, and small sizes. Nowadays, there are various kinds of Tang Yuan with a variety of fillings on the market. But in our tradition, it is usually red or white in color, filled with peanuts or sesame.

In Taiwan, we have all known to have Tang Yuan on winter solstice since we were young. "After eating Tang Yuan, you grow one year older!" After leaving home, eating Tang Yuan on the winter solstice seems to be a must. To have a bowl of sweet Tang Yuan with friends, roommates, or colleagues, give a warm feeling and brings a touch of warmth to the cold winter.

Actually, it is not difficult to make Tang Yuan! Just need to prepare glutinous rice flour and water, mix them into a dough, rub them into small round balls. If you want to have different colors, then just prepare some pumpkin powder, matcha powder, coffee powder, or tomato powder. Not only create the ideal shape but also eat healthier.

(The two cute Tang Yuan were based on our staff and made by one of our tenants.)

Our tenants were all creative and produce their own one-of-a-kind Tang Yuan. Then ate them all! Winter solstice is according to the lunar calendar, it is also closed to Christmas. So we could see some works related to Christmas. It was quite interesting!

Winter is really right for this kind of warm feeling! If you have any activities or ideas that you would like to participate in, please feel free to share them with us! Let BORDERLESS HOUSE provide more and more great events in the future!

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