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Weekend Trip with Roommates - One Day Trip to the North Coast

After a week of work, not sure where to go for the weekend? Let our Zhongshan-Shuanglian1 housemates take you on an outing!

This time, they have organized a one-day trip to the North Coast, allowing us to explore the recommended attractions and delicacies together!!!

First Stop - Shalun Beach in Tamsui

Located near the Lover's Bridge in Tamsui, Shalun Beach is a perfect spot to sit on the sand, gaze at the ocean, and experience the tranquility of the coast. This beach, not frequently visited by the public, is a relatively serene hidden gem. Watching children and pets roam freely creates a healing atmosphere. On that day, they brought picnic mats and enjoyed the beach while chatting. One of our housemates from the UK later shared that the view of this sea was truly therapeutic for her, as back in her hometown, she rarely had the opportunity to see such expansive seascapes. She expressed joy in being able to appreciate Taiwan's coastline with everyone.

Second Stop - Laomei Green Reef

Continuing along the North Coast, you'll reach a community called "Laomei." Here, you'll find Taiwan's only green reef coast known as "Laomei Green Reef." What makes it special is that in April, as the northeast monsoon gradually subsides, the reef becomes covered with lush green seaweed, creating a breathtaking landscape known as the "Green Reef."

Additionally, the local area offers a treat known as "石花凍" (Stone Flower Jelly), a delightful dessert. Our Japanese housemate mentioned that the taste of 石花凍 reminds her of a Japanese summer snack called "ところてん" (Tokoroten), with similar flavors. The difference lies in Japan's practice of shaping it into noodle-like strips. The most popular way to enjoy it is by drizzling black vinegar, or combining it with bonito soy sauce and sesame. For those with a sweet tooth, you can also try it with a drizzle of black sugar syrup.

Third Stop - Jinshan Old Street

After leaving Laomei, they arrived at the highlight of today's lunch itinerary - Jinshan Old Street. Jinshan is renowned for three must-try delicacies: crab, duck meat, and sweet potatoes. The Three-Point Crab and Seafood Congee are highly recommended here, which includes a whole crab in one bowl - delicious!

Speaking of sweet potatoes, our Korean housemate tried chatting with the sweet potato vendor in Taiwanese.
Housemate: 這地瓜金價賀甲嗎? (Is this sweet potato really delicious?)
Surprisingly, they discovered that the Taiwanese pronunciation of "真的" (really) is quite similar to the Korean pronunciation, and they also found similarities in the pronunciation of other words like "圖書館" (library), "學生" (student), and "時間" (time). It was truly fascinating!

After savoring the delicious seafood congee, they visited Jinshan Temple Street. A notable feature here is the self-service duck meat and dishes, with the must-try items being duck meat and fried noodles!

After indulging in duck meat, they found red sweet potato ice cream on the old street, and of course, various fresh sweet potatoes for sale. Once they were full and satisfied, they strolled to the public foot bath at Huanggang Community in the back mountains of Jinshan, offering free hot spring foot baths. Enjoying the scenery and chatting with friends while soaking their feet was truly relaxing.

Unconsciously, dusk arrived, and they prepared to head to the next destination as the sun set in the west.

Fourth Stop - Zhongjiao Bay

After enjoying the foot bath, they headed to Zhongjiao Bay near Jinshan. This beach is known for its cleanliness and is a popular spot among surfing enthusiasts.

They played on the beach until evening. After the activities, hunger struck again, signaling it was time to head to the final destination of the day.

Final Stop - Keelung Temple Night Market

They chose Keelung Temple Night Market as the concluding destination for their North Coast journey. The entrance of the night market exuded a vibrant atmosphere with colorful flags, and on both sides were stalls offering a variety of delicious dishes, including braised pork rice, nutritious sandwiches, bubble ice, and more, waiting for everyone to explore.

After a day of fun and satisfaction, it was time to head home. The housemates had a happy and fulfilling day, looking forward to the next adventure!

Now, how do you get to these North Coast attractions? In addition to convenient public transportation, driving is an excellent choice for touring. Even if you don't have a car, there's no need to worry!

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