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BBQ party in Mid-Autumn Festival with BORDERLESS HOUSE family!

BBQ party in Mid-Autumn Festival with BORDERLESS HOUSE family!

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!

It's time to have a BBQ party!

In Taiwan, we always have barbecue with our family or friends in this festival! The moon is the brightest and roundest on this day which means family reunion for Taiwanese! And this is the main reason why we think mid-autumn is very important.

Borderless House is a big family, , so we plan this event for them! Everyone had a unforgettable night with new friends!

Let's check the photos!

We had almost 50 people joined us! First, please introduce yourself to new friends. ^^ Second, enjoy your wonderful BBQ!

Say cheese!

Everyone enjoyed taking with new people.^0^
We shared our stories of different houses, countries and so on! It was really interesting!

Last, don't forget to clean the place! Let's take a group photo for everyone and the happy ending!

It was really fun to have such a good time with new people!
We'll have more event and special program for our tenants in the future! What are you waiting for?

Join BORDERLESS HOUSE TAIPEI now and have fun with our tenants!

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