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Summer Early Bird Campaign: Get Ready for Your New Journey in Advance!

Are you planning to stay in Taipei this summer? Or are you new to Taipei and hoping to make new friends? Well, we've got some exciting news for you!!! Whether you're a student or a traveler, if you have a passion for connecting with others, BORDERLESS HOUSE is definitely the perfect accommodation choice for you!

BORDERLESS HOUSE is thrilled to introduce our 'Summer Early Bird Campaign'! Normally, we only hold the room for 14 days free, but with this promotion, we'll hold your room for free until your move-in day! Follow us to learn more detailed information and get your checklist completed ahead of time ✔️!

Details of the Early Bird Campaign

■ Prepay the "initial fees" and "one month's rent (including utilities)", and stay for a minimum of 2 months to reserve your bed for free until your move-in date.
The prepaid one month's rent will be credited towards the next month's rent upon move-in. Example: If you move in during April, the prepaid rent will be credited towards May's rent.
■ Application Period: From now until May 31, 2024.
■ Eligibility: Move in by June 29th.
■ Notes:
1. After completing the reservation, the initial fees and one month's rent are non-refundable in case of cancellation.
2. Early termination of the lease is not permitted; early departure still requires payment for 2 months' rent.
3. BORDERLESS HOUSE reserves the right to review applications during the contract period. If there are violations of the contract terms or if it is determined that the applicant is not suitable for living in BORDERLESS HOUSE, we reserve the right to terminate the contract immediately.


BORDERLESS HOUSE is like a small international society, bringing together friends from all over the world. Through daily interactions, not only can you gain a deeper understanding of various cultures, but you can also strengthen bonds of friendship. Additionally, we organize language exchanges and diverse activities to facilitate interactions between tenants of different houses, expanding your international perspective and circle of friends. Moreover, there's the special "BORDERLESS TRAVEL" event, where you have the opportunity to stay in houses in Japan and Korea, providing you with even more exciting overseas experiences!

Furthermore, our houses are fully equipped and conveniently located, making it more convenient for you to enjoy life in Taipei!

So what are you waiting for? Start your new journey through the following information!
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