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Thank you for choosing Borderless House.

Please read the following important points before applying.

  • ・Applications will be processed in the order in which they are received. If we receive other applications before yours, we will not be able to proceed with your request.
  • ・After receiving your application, we will arrange a phone call or SKYPE session in order to confirm the details of your reservation. It takes 20 minutes or so.
  • ・We have a screening process prior to move in. Your reservation will be confirmed after the screening.


Room Viewing*

※If you would like to do room viewing, please inquire via the room viewing request form

※ Move-in is possible from Monday to Saturday between 10am and 5pm.
※Taiwan office will be on business trip from 2024/6/18(Tue) to 2024/6/21(Tue). We apologize for not being able to provide any services during this period. Thank you for your understanding.

The move-out date will not be fixed with the date you put here. You need to send the moving-out form to finalize your move-out date. Please be noted that you need to pay the rent and utility fees for 30days after submitting moving-out form.

Contract Type

Please see herefor contract type details.

Futon Rental

If you chose to bring the bedding by yourself, please note that while all beds are provided with a mattress, you are not allowed to sleep on it without any sheets. Make sure that you use your bed pad covered with sheets or Japanese underquilt (=shikibuton) , as well as bringing your pillow and comforter (top cover.)

Personal Information

※If your name is originally spelled in roman letters, please write your name again.


Marital status*

While we generally decline applications from married individuals, there may be circumstances under which we can arrange for your move-in.

Our system is currently having an error to send emails to the address provided by hotmail・livemail・outlook.
Please use the email address provided by other companies (Gmail, yahoo, ...etc.), or refer to the link to solve the problem.
If you don't hear from us for more than 2-3days, please contact us via Skype or call. Thank you.

※If you don't have the account, please fill in nope.
Please enter '0' if you do not have a phone number.
※To finalize your reservation, we will arrange a call session of approximately 20 minutes either via phone or Skype to discuss the details.
※If you already had a room viewing, please fill in “already viewed”


※Please note that smokers cannot apply for the smoke-free houses.

Regarding Bicycle Parking*

※Please be aware that some properties may not have bicycle parking.

Special Allergies / Chronic Illness*

※We ask in order to ensure your comfortable living.
If you are not working, please fill out 'unemployed'

If you live / lived in Borderless House, please tick off the box below and write the house name.

※If you currently live in Borderless House and would like to move to other house, please check the Contract Length, Moving Out, Moving to another House in FAQ page before sending the reservation form.

Family Emergency Contact Person / Cosigner *If you are Japanese, you have to get a cosigner.

※Emergency contacts should be your relatives. (Aged over 20)