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【New Campaign】For people coming to Seoul through quarantine

Hello! This is Ayako from Borderless House.

Currently, due to the COVID-19, many people are suffering with this situation.
I hope you and people around you are in safe.

This time, I would like to announce our new campaign! 
Now in Korea, when you arrive and enter the country, you need to be in quarantine for 2 weeks.

If you are planning to come to Korea for study, this quarantine must be a big cost. So we considered how we can help you coming to Seoul all the way.

Half rent discount for 2 months!

What we offer is, after you moved in, your rent for the 2nd month and the 3rd month will be half like this!

1st month: Rent and Utility fee on a pro-rate basis

2nd month: Half rent + Utility fee
3rd month: Half rent + Utility fee
4th month: Normal rent + Utility fee

If your monthly rent is 500,000 won, you can just save one month rent 500,000 won in total! We cannot help you with whole quarantine fee but hope our discount helps you even if only slightly.


There are some conditions to apply this campaign.

-Move in by the end of August
-Stay more than 4 months
-Show the quarantine fee receipt later


If the situation is changed and you don't need to pay for quarantine before your moving in, half rent will be only for 1 month.

Cancel Policy

For this situation, we revised our cancel policy.

If you cancel 8 days before your move-in day or more days before
→300,000 won will be the cancel fee. We can refund other fees you already paid.

If you cancel 7 days before your move-in day or less days before
→800,000 won will be the cancel fee. We can refund other fees you already paid.

Your future housemates are waiting for you!

It is really confusing situation in the world but our tenants are enjoying daily life with international exchange while keeping be careful not to get the virus. (Please refer to this blog which one of our tenants in Tokyo wrote about the daily life in this situation. →here!)

(When we had an event at one of our houses)


We are looking forward to seeing you!
If you have any question or concern, please feel free to contact us for room search or anything! →here!

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