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【Quarantine Interview】 The experience from the arrival to the 2-weeks quarantine

Hello! This is Borderless House.

COVID-19 situation is still bad around the world but how are you spending your time in your country?

In Korea, even in this situation, there are lots of people who start their new life after 2-weeks quarantine after arriving from other countries. This time, we did an interview to one of our tenants who arrived from Japan to Korea and experienced 2-weeks quarantine before moving in to Borderless House.

We asked these questions to Ms.N from Japan!
Hope her experience and information helps your if you are planning to come to Korea!

1.The reason you could decide to come to Korea in this situation
2.How did you choose your quarantine place?
3.Any trouble in the airport?
4.How was the transportation from the airport?
5.How was the self move in to the quarantine room?
6.What did you eat while quarantined?
7.Any tips for the 2 weeks?

(↓ Staffs and Ms.N)

1.The reason you could decide to come to Korea in this situation

Staff: COVID-19 is still expanding around the world but wasn't it a big decision for you to come to Korea in this situation?

Ms.N: Some part, yes. But originally I was planning to come to Korea for working holiday from last March and I needed to postpone so I really wanted to come for a long time.  After considering the way, I decided to get a student visa instead of waiting for the working holiday visa.

Staff: I see, you changed the way to come here. I'm very happy to hear that you could come here finally!

2.How did you choose your quarantine place?

Staff: I guess there are some ways to decide the quarantine room but in your case, how did you decide?

Ms.N: I was planning to live in Borderless House and then I found the information about the quarantine room which Borderless House provides. So I just decided to use it. I could contact to the staff in Japanese so it was good point for me.

(↓ The room which Ms.N stayed for quarantine.)

3.Any trouble in the airport?

Staff: Wasn't the process at the airport complicated? Were you able to enter to Korea smoothly?

Ms.N: I was able to proceed all process without any problem better than I expected. There was no staff who speaks Japanese but I could manage to communicate in Korean.

Staff: That's fantastic!

4.How was the transportation from the airport?

Ms.N: There were two ways, bus or taxi. When I told my address to a staff, there was a bus which will go to my destination area and will depart soon so I just took the bus. My arrival time was evening so I didn't go to have the PCR test on the day. On the next day, the bus came to my quarantine place again and took me to the place where I could have the test and took me to my place again after the test.

5.How was the self move in to the quarantine room?

Staff: When you move in to the quarantine by yourself without meeting any staff, wasn't there any difficulty?

Ms.N: No, I already received a manual book for self move in so I could just follow the information and move in without any problem!

(Most important goods, masks and sanitizer!)

6.What did you eat while quarantined?

Staff: In the 2 weeks, you cannot go outside at all but how did you prepare your meal and what did you eat?

Ms.N: I asked a staff to prepare some water bottles and food in the room in advance. I also bring some food from Japan and then I used delivery application a few times. I could use the credit card which I made in Japan.

(↓Water and food prepared in advance in the room)

7.Any tips for the 2 weeks?

Staff: To be honest, it is a bit hard to imagine the life in the quarantine room for 2 weeks but how was it actually? How did you spend your time there?

Ms.N: Originally I like spending time in my own room so I enjoyed watching dramas and youtube videos. Sometimes I felt boring and move around but it was fine.

Staff: Was there anything that you were careful?

Ms.N: It was easy to sleep late at night, or almost morning and wake up afternoon. So if you want to have a healthy life,  it is better to set alarm or decide to sleep at a fixed time intentionally.

Staff: Oh, that's true. If there is any plan to go outside for 2 weeks, I think I also become like that. Thank you for telling me the real life of the quarantine life!!

Ms.N: My pleasure. Thank you!

After the interview

How was this interview? I guess there are lot of people who are still seeing the timing for going to Korea but hope this information helps you!

Borderless House Seoul is community share house in which Korean people and people from various countries live together and enjoy international exchange in Korea.

We are waiting for your coming to Korea!

If you need any information about our share house room, please feel free to contact us! →HERE

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