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【Reasonable Quarantine】 Staying in Korea through quarantine with reasonable price and easy way!

Hello, this is Borderless House Seoul.

Currently (July 8th, 2020) in Korea, it is required to be quarantined for 2 weeks for all people landed from other countries as a countermeasure against COVID-19. People from other countries have to be quarantined at their home or the place which government prepared for 2 weeks and it is not allowed to use a common facility like Goshiwon or students ‘dormitory (with certain exceptions).

Borderless House is a share house and tenants share living room and bathroom so we also ask our new tenants to move in after 2-weeks quarantine.

Arranging the quarantine place and every meal for 2 weeks cost a lot and it is a big burden.

So, we decided to launch a new special service which you can reserve an accommodation for quarantine and our share house at the same time!

Detail of the New Service

You can reserve the place for quarantine together when you reserved a room in Borderless House. We try to find a room which has full options. We help you from the arrangement of the one room for quarantine and moving in to our share house in total!

Supports for Quarantine

We support some food like instant noddles and also some water before you do quarantine. Commission fee includes this support and help all before you do quarantine.

The support includes ...

-Quarantine room rent and utility fee
-Preparing basic food in the room in advance
-Explanation how to move to quarantine room
-Support of the shopping during the quarantine

* What is "Preparing basic food in the room in advance"?
Before your arrival, our staff can prepare some basic food like some bottle of water and instant noodles in the room

* What is "Support of the move in to the quarantine room "?
When you move in to a room for quarantine , our staffs can not meet you so we will provide a information book which helps you to move in by yourself .

* What is "Support of the shopping during the quarantine"?
Korean government had been providing food or daily needs for the people who are quarantined for free but now they do not . Therefore, people need to bring food by themselves or purchase online or ask someone to go buy and deliver. We provide the manual how to use "emart Mall"(Korean internet shopping site) and support your purchase by online. You can make payment directly on the web page by using your credit card .

Some types of Rooms

Amount of room for 2 weeks depends on the type of rooms and location .
Our partner company will tell us what they have based on your arrival date .

<Basic facilities>
Microwave, IH stove, Fridge, Pot, Plates, Cups, Chopsticks, Detergent, TV, Double bed, Toilet, Towel * 4, Wi-Fi, AC One-time laundry service
※ some rooms does not have a kitchen washing space or washing machine but the room itself has large space and some rooms have the washing service .

* These photos are for images, so the actual furniture arrangement and the floor plan might be changed.

* These are located in Sinchon or Ehwa Women 's University area (Seoul metro Line.2)

How to Reserve

1. Reserve a room in Borderless House
2. Confirm the details with a staff through Skype talk
3. Transfer deposit, management fee and quarantine fee by wire transfer
4.  If the quarantine room is not available, we suggest different type of the room
5 . Receive the self check in manual for the quarantine room
6. Check in to the quarantine room
7. After 2 weeks, meet a staff and move in to Borderless House

* If you cancel after No.4, cancellation fee 200,000 won will be charged.

Check in & out

Borderless House staff can not see you face to face when you arrive since all people from other countries have to be quarantined. We will send you the instructions about check in and out in advance, so please read it and check in by yourself.

If you have any trouble when you check in , please contact to us through Kakao Talk.
Kakaotalk ID : borderlesshouse

Time of the Check in & out

Please move in after 2 pm and move out after 12 pm.


* When you cancel your reservation for the quarantine room
The cancellation fee 200,000 won will be charged. We will deduct 200,000 won from the quarantine fee you paid and refund the rest .

* When you cancel your reservation for the room in Borderless House
If you cancel the reservation from the day you receive the confirmation mail to 8 days prior to your move-in day, cancellation fee 300,000 won will be charged and we will refund the rest of money you paid. If you cancel the reservation from 7 days to your planned move-in date, deposit, management fee, first month 's rent and utilities will not be refunded .

(Please burden bank transfer fee at your expense)

FAQ about the room

How much do I need to pay for this service?

For the quarantine and commission fee,
-Quarantine fee is different and it depends on a type of rooms . When you share the date to arrive in Korea , we start finding a room for your quarantine and inform of the amount of a room as soon as we find.

-Commission fee for Borderless tenants is 150,000 KRW. This includes the support of some water and instant noodles before you arrive for a few days.

-Commission fee for those who just need a room for their quarantine is 300,000 KRW. This includes the support of some water and instant noodles before you arrive for a few days.

For the rest of days,
We share how to order the groceries or the others by online and they are usually delivered in front of the door within 3 days.

-About the way to transfer,
We always suggest 'Transferwise' as it is the fastest and easiest system.
Please check the link below.

Do you prepare a contract?

We prepare the contract and send it to you by PDF file. We will leave the real one in the room.

How should I answer when I 'm asked about the quarantine room when I enter Korea?

We will give you a contact information of Borderless House Staff or the owner of the quarantine house. When you are asked about the quarantine place, please call to us.

FAQ about quarantine

Can not I really go out even one step from the room while quarantine?

It is strictly prohibited to go out except for having the test at the health center .
There were some cases that some people continuously went out from the quarantine room and got restrained and deported (Not only by the information from GPS application but CCTV or credit card record also can tell where you are.) Please do not go out during the quarantine period for sure .

How should I go to the quarantine room?

There are buses and taxis only for people from other countries at Inchon Airport so please use them. We will tell you the details.

Is it possible to use delivery service?

You can use the delivery service at the quarantine place but please receive stuff without meeting with the delivery person face to face.

FAQ about the shopping support

How much budget would be enough?

It depends on the person but most of people prepare 200,000 won for it. If your original budget was not enough, you can add and pay later.

If you have any question, please feel free to contact us! → HERE

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