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【Quarantine Diary】Self-quarantine experience (2)

How Tenants do Self-quarantine

Hello, this is Borderless House Seoul again.
We hope the first diary would been helpful for your future plan in Korea.
Then, let us check Luka's Diary and see how he made his 14 days.
Go to first Diary if you do not check yet!

Friday, Feb 17th, 2021 - quarantine period

My quarantine has been going well as I did plan 
The procedure already starts at the first departure. The airlines check meticulously whether you have all the required documents on you, so be sure to check that beforehand! Especially the test results should be in English. If you don’t have all the documents it is possible that the airline declines flying you to Korea.

In the plane you will have to fill out documents which is standard procedure for international travel. Be sure to have your personal information at hand and that you know the contact details of the host/quarantine agency (address, phone number etc.).

Once you leave the plane the procedure is very well organized. After a temperature check you will follow a „path“ from one station to the next handing your documents and installing the quarantine application. The health personnel is very friendly and knows what they are doing. Just be sure to have all the documents with you and don’t feel stressed.

After installing the quarantine app and customs you will eventually reach the arrival hall. There is dedicated staff for exchange students who will ask you where you are going to quarantine. They help you find the best transport to your quarantine place. In my case I took a designated taxi to the quarantine place which was expensive but went very smoothly.

Friday, Feb 20th, 2021 - quarantine period

Good morning. It is always good to have a cup of coffee when starting the day.

A quarantine setting as such is stressful enough and if it takes place in a foreign country it can easily be overwhelming. I therefore recommend bringing things which make you feel comfortable and feel familiar.

I, for example, brought a jar of instant coffee as I like to have my cup in the morning to have a good start in the day. Also it is worth it to think what you want to do during quarantine (maybe you have work to do, want to study, plan your stay in Korea or have a book you always wanted to read).

Most importantly however, I recommend reserving a Korean Sim-Card in advance so you can pick it up at the airport and let the staff install it there for you! Without a Korean phone number and data the quarantine procedure can get very complicated. I had to call the health center and my university several times which can get very expensive with a foreign sim-card. Even though you will not find the most competitive prepaid plan at the airport, for me it is a must-do to get a sim card asap.

In general make sure you have some sort of Korean contact ready to help you out if you run into problems with the health authorities or if some sort of other issue emerges.


Borderless House Information

Now, you get the detailed procedures at airport when you arrive.
Lukas will be happier when someone checks this and organizes well.

When you come to Korea, People must show the paper showing the negative PCR tests taken 72 hours of your depature.

For your information,
If you feel like nothing to do in your room, what about checking our Online program? Borderless tenants in Japan, Taiwan waits for you to talk always!

We will be back next week with his last diary.

Thank you and stay safe!

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