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【House-share X How-share】Korean x English day

Greetings to our all tenants and future possible tenants !
This is Borderless House Seoul and we hope you are always safe .

Today, we would like to share how tenants are doing in our Share house .
Let us check the picture below and guess what this means when living together !

How tenants do Win-Win daily life

As you know Borderless House is a place where Korean and Foreigner share .
We had a new tenant a few days ago in  Wangsimni1 House and we found this.

Our tenants in this house, they love the languages and always share each other .
One of them suggested to set the new rule to improve her Korean skills and ,
the other tenants agreed all and they set K and E on the white board in turn .

 We are not sure when they started but staff felt their English and Korean skills have improved a lot which staying together give them the good impact always!

New meaning of living together 


There are many people finding a place to live as a place to stay is really essential.
Therefore share house becomes one of accommodation to consider in Korea .

Many of them set importance on the type of the building and location.
Of course, even the staff writing this thinks that location is first choice.
This is not the thing which will be changed when finding a place.

However when it comes to looking for a share house,
we suggest you to have the other views like not only location
but also the valuable things you can get like our tenants
'K and E day!

If the house is located more far than you think, you can find the other view like I can be a early riser or I have other housemates who I can talk more than before

Once you try finding something valuable by losing somethingthis means you do not lose anything and Borderless House can give and help you.

Therefore, we would like to share one story about our tenant 's interview

One valuable thing you can do before moving in

Borderless House Mates Program, We call this BMP!
As we have more time in the house these days , we hardly meet other people.
But since the world has the online system already , we found this out!

The goal of this platform is giving you a place where makes your life more lively and valuable everyday by online and we want you to meet all of our current , former and future tenants and become their friends!

If you would like to know more about this program please click below .
Borderless House Mates Program

Once you get interests in Borderless House, please contact us!
Thank you and see you in the future!

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