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【Quarantine Exemption in Korea】 Did you get fully vaccinated?


Did you get fully Vaccinated?
Hello, this is Borderless House again and if your answer is 'YES', please check all details below! If not, please click this for your quarantine information.
Those who have completed the 2nd shist hot of COVID-19 infection will be managed the same way as those who received the 3rd shot (even if 180 days have passed after the vaccination, they will be recognized)

Q-Code: Quarantine COVID-19 Defense

Helpful news for using the advance input system for quarantine information before coming to Korea for the quarantine exemption. Please check all guides to this system through here .

Quarantine for Each Target Person

Guidance on the quarantine procedure differs based on the entrant condition. Please refer to the corresponding information and prevent disadvantage in advance upon your entry. Please check the website link below for details.

        Sources from  Korea Disease Control and Prevention Agency (click)

※Those who have completed vaccinations linked through the COOV system with their vaccination history registered in Korea can be exempted from quarantine from March 21st.
※Those who have completed inoculation overseas because they have not registered
theirvac current entrants from Pakistan, Uzbekistan, Ukraine, and Myanmar
※For more information, please refer to [KCDC website] → [Notifications] → [Notice].

Procedure of moving in Borderless House Seoul

1. Following all steps for Q-Code above.
2. Arriving in Korea and meeting with Staff at station Near House you reserve.
3. Getting PCR test at Health center. (For long term staying)
4. Before checking the result of the test, keep wearing mask in the house.
5. Next day, Negative - you could go out, Positive - doing quarantine. 

*When you arrive in Korea at late night, we share how to do self-move in by PDF.
*If you get positive after PCR test in Korea, please kindly check all details below.

Borderless House Seoul Quarantine Guideline

When we have COVID-19 positive cases in the sharehouses managed by Borderless Korea Corp.(hereinafter, Company), for the safety of tenants and prevention of the spread of COVID-19, we respond according to the guidelines below, and tenants must cooperate with the response.
This guideline basically follows the response guidelines of the quarantine authorities. However, there may be some differences in consideration of the sharehouse which is a special type of residence.

1. When a tenant has any sign and symptoms of COVID , the tenant immediately conducts a rapid antigen test and shares the results with Company and housemates (House Group Chat).

2. When one of the tenants has the symptoms, all tenants of the house must cooperate with Company staff's own epidemiological investigation (suspicious route of infection, contact with housemates after the symptoms, other tenants who have symptoms, etc.).

the tenant receives a positive result by rapid antigen test, conduct a PCR test immediately and share the results with Company and your housemates (House Group Chat).

4. From the date on which the quarantine notice is received as a result of PCR test, in principle, the confirmed tenant should leave the house temporarily and
self-quarantine in another place.
4-1. Through our staff's own epidemiological investigation, if there is a high possibilityof additional positive cases in the house, the tenants will not do temporary move-out until the other housemates get the PCR test results.
4-2. In the event of a large number of positive cases, the quarantine way is adjusted in consultation with Company and the tenants in consideration of the proportion of positive cases.

5. In the case of self-quarantine in another place, in principle, the confirmed tenant seeks a place to isolate himself, and Company is not responsible for this
. If a confirmed tenant cannot find a place, Company may help to reserve a place, but the confirmed tenant does not object to the conditions (location, equipment, price, etc.) of the place.

6. If a confirmed tenant is quarantined in another place, in accordance with Article 12 of Tenancy Contract, Company does not charge the rent during the quarantine period.

7. Company will sanitize the house after the quarantine measures are completed.
According to of Tenancy Contract, the cost will be charged to the confirmed tenants.

8. If the tenant does not follow the above guidelines, Company may regard it as a
violation of Article 7 of Regulations and rules in The Premise and may move out
according to Article 10 of Tenancy Contract, and the tenant is responsible for any

If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us.
We hope to see you here in the near future. 
Thank you and stay safe.

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