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BORDERLESS HOUSE XINYI-ANHE 2 opened June of 2015!

A new Borderless House opened from June 2015!


A map

8 min on foot from Xinyi-Anhe station, Tansui/Xinyi Line

Characteristic of the house

We have a second share house in Xinyi-Anhe area, very popular area for local people! That is Borderless House Xinyi-Anhe2! This share house is about 8 mins from Xinyi-Anhe station. You can find a lot kinds of shops on the way to the house and it's so convenient area for living. This guest house is for 10 tenants and very beautiful! You can enjoy wide space with your housemates because living space and dining space are connected! Why not enjoy your life in taipei with nice housemates in this very clean share house?

Floor Plan

1 Private Room

3 Shared Rooms (each for 2&3&4 people)


Xinyi-Anhe2 House can accommodate 10 people.

We hope you can make good memories with others from different countries!

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