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How to start your first trip by UBIKE in Taipei?

Hello everyone! We are Borderless House in Taipei! There are UBIKE stations near most of the MRT stations in the downtown Taipei City, and our houses are also close to MRT station! As a result, it's quite convenient for the tenants since they can have more choices of transportation! You can check our Share House List to know their location ;) So, in this article we are going to introduce the passage of starting a UBIKE trip! I guess you have passed by many UBIKE stops every time you are on the walkway, or seen Taiwanese riding it with bell ring of ting-dong ting-dong to avoid the pedestrian in the front. Interesting as it is, it looks very attractive to you for it’s convenience, but you might never figure it out because only take a look at the manual makes you headache! However, as a frequent user of UBIKE, I really hope everyone who have lived in Taipei to experience a trip by UBIKE! With this transport tool you can save more time from your house to school, company or fun!

1.What is youbike

youbike is low-pollution and low-energy-consumption short-distance transit vehicle system. youbike uses an electronic unmanned automated management system to provide “ A Leases and B Returns” bike rental service. We hope that bikes will be chosen as the last-mile public transit vehicle and more citizens will be glad to use the mass transit system and meanwhile, environmental protection and energy conservation will be achieved and a new commuting culture will emerge.


2-1.Rent with a card Before selecting a bicycle, please check the tire pressure, brakes, and lights to confirm they are functioning properly. In case of malfunctions, please turn the sear around and select another vehicle. If the vehicle is functioning properly, then use a registered card on the sensor pad on the dock to confirm your rental. ↓↓↓↓↓ 2-2.Check the indicator light If you haven’t have your card registered, please go to the nearby Youbike machine. ↓↓↓↓↓ 2-3.Check the green light When the green indicator light starts blinking emits a beeping sound, you can then retrieve the vehicle. ↓↓↓↓↓ 2-4.Pull the bike backwards Make sure the heas handlers are in their straight-up position, and then pull on the handlers backwards with both hands to retrieve the vehicle. Please remember to lock the bicycle in order to avoid being fined. Lockhead inside the basket, please pull the lockhead through the handle bars to the right side, and there is a circle hole. Then, please put the lockhead into to hole and rotate the key on the left side. Finally, the key will be locked.
Lockhead inside the basket↓ The socket on the right side of the latch↓ Lock on the down left side↓


3-1.Push the bike in Select an empty dock indicated by a blue light, align the head of your vehicle to the white lines on the ground, aim the bicycle lock to its docking port, then push the bike all the way in. ↓↓↓↓↓ 3-2.Confirm locking After the bike lock is properly docked to its port, there will be a loud clicking sound. Shift the vehicle back and front slightly to make sure it is properly locked. ↓↓↓↓↓ 3-3.Return with the card After the blue light on the dock blinks and emits a beeping sounds, please use your card on the sensor pad on the dock to pay the rental fee. When the indicator light switches back to green, the return process is completed. card sensor ↓ Manual on the stop poll (Chinese)↓ Manual on the stop poll (English)↓ ↓↓↓↓↓ 3-4. For the sake of user's safety, when the bicycle is broken, please rotate the saddle backward for 180 degree. The customer service staff will bring the broken one back to fix, also you can call 1999 or 8978-5511 directly.

4.Rates Explanation

4-1.Single rent:You can go to KIOSK stops, choose to pay by credit card. Or pay by chunghwa telecom micropayment. 4-2.Member:By IC Credit Card Service Center / Offcial Website Offcial Phone App / EasyCardCHT mobile phone bill / Any KIOSK. 4-3. Taipei City Government will give NT.5 to use as a grant to YouBike member for first 30 mins $10NT per 30min within the first 4 hours. $20NT per 30min between 4 to 8 hours. $40NT per 30min exceeding 8 hours. 4-4.From New Taipei city/Taipei city to Taichung/Changhua, or from Taichung/Changhua to New Taipei city/Taipei city, will be charged NTD815. 4-5.It will calculate to 30 mins if using is less than 30 mins。 4-6.Ticket balance of member who had registered need ≧1

5.Taipei public bicycle rental system Lost jobs

YouBike Loss Reports

  1. If you have found missing the following announcement number, please call 1999 or 8978-5511 directy.
  2. Consumers on bicycles smiling vehicles, field station Lost Property, may be sent to either the police or the smile bicycle service center, by service personnel inventory and future treatment and regularly announcement official website for the query.
  3. If users find their bikes missing, they should report it to the police straight away and obtain a proof document for reporting loss of a bike to the YouBike service center. Users will be liable for fees incurred between the renting time and the time of the loss report. If the lost bike cannot be recovered in three months, the user will be liable for a damage charge of NT$9,000. .

Lost key which is with the bicycle

  1. If you have found missing the following announcement number, please call 1999 or 8978-5511 directy. Learned the job by "Taipei City public bicycle rental system YouBike Terms of Service" 4. Use of services and riding Precautions requirements management.
  2. When user lost the key, please return the bicycle back to the YouBike service center. And the user will be charged NTD200 to compensate for losing the key. When user who can't  return the bicycle back to the YouBike service center, if the bicycle is in Taipei city will be charged NTD150 as the transportation fee. If the bicycle is in other places will be charged NTD350.
  3. User who lost the key need to write the certification of receiving the money so that the operation unit can send the receipt.
  4. When the key is been lost, the terminate time will be calculated till the bicycle already back to the service center.
We hope that the information above is useful to everyone! Come and join BORDERLESS HOUSE to experience the convenient and interesting life <3 Know more about us: Reference: Youbike official website Taipei City Government Department of Transportation
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