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Information of House Rental in Taiwan/Taipei

Hello! Everyone~ Here is BORDERLESS HOUSE TAIPEI! Today we are going to share you the information of renting houses in Taiwan/Taipei. No matter whether you come to Taipei for studying or for working, looking for a place to stay must be the first thing that you are going to do.However, when you are unfamiliar with the local environment or if you haven't had any experience of renting houses, you must have a lot of questions. Accordingly, here we have some information and Q&A of house rental in Taipei, please check the article below! Hope it will be helpful for you. ^^   In the first place, you might have your ideal living environment. You might want to have your own cozy space. Or probably you would like to have roommates? There are a wide variety of information of different rooms on house rental network. Which one would be the suitable one?  

What kind of house types are there in Taipei?


Generally, an apartment has its own bathroom, kitchen and laundry machine. However, it depends on the price, if the rent is a bit expensive than normal price, you could have your own living room or balcony probably. ∆Photo of apartment (studio)

Multi Rooms

Multi rooms which means all the rooms are on the same floor. There are bed, desk, chair and closet, moreover, you will have your own bathroom in your room. But you need to share the common space with other housemates, such laundry space, living room and kitchen.


Basically, you will just have a bed, desk, chair and closet in your space. And you need to share the toilet and bathroom with other people. You might even have no common space to share, such as kitchen or living room, which is depends on the price of your rent.   ▷▷Room types of BORDERLESS HOUSE? BORDERLESS HOUSE is "share house" which has 4 rooms in one house. Normally, there are single room, double room, triple room, quad room and room for 6 people. And the room which has most tenants would have its own bathroom and toilet inside. For tenants in other rooms need to use the shared common bathroom, living room. Basically, every house has big common space (living room and kitchen) where tenants can dine or party together! ∆Photos of rooms in BORDERLESS HOUSE(Single room, Double room, Triple room and Quad room)(from right to left & from upper to downer) In addition to know what kind of house is suitable for you to live, you might have budget for renting a room. So next, we are going to let you know the approximately price of different types of rooms.  

How much are the rents of those different types of rooms?


Multi  Rooms7500~18000NTD


※The price of the house upper which are well furnitured also nearby MRT station.   ▷▷How much is the rank of rent in BORDERLESS HOUSE? Based on different types of room and the transportation, we have different price of rent. Single room:12500~15000NTD;Double room:9200~9500NTD;Triple room:7900~8800NTD;Quad room:6900~7900NTD;Room for 6 people:Around 6700NTD ※Utility fees are not included. We have different price for summer term (from May to October):1200NTD and for winter term (from November to April):800NTD.   After you know the roughly price and room type that you prefer, how do you look for it?  

The way of looking for rooms?


There are some popular and local house rental website in Taiwan, for example, 591, HouseFun and Rakuya. There are filters that can help to find your ideal one faster.However, since everyone can post the house rental information on it so they don't have consistent standard of the room or house quality. Besides, there are a widely variety of information, so you still need to take a long time to find and compare with each one. ∆Webpage of 591.

Facebook group

There are some facebook groups of information of house rental, you can search for them by using the keyword such as: renting houses, looking for a room or finding roommates in Taipei. Then you can get the latest information after you join those groups. There are also pros and cons by joining facebook groups to look for a room. The advantage is you can contact the landlord directly on Facebook Messenger and you don't need complex procedure normally. And the disadvantage is, it's hard control the timing. For example, there are not many information which are posted at the same time, probably you could not find any information while you're finding house.

House Rental Platform

Such as Zuker, Craigslist and so on. Basically, the managers of those platform would screen the information before posting on their website in order to maintain consistent quality. Also, the interface of the websites are easier to see and use. ∆Webpage of Zuker.   You can find BORDERLESS HOUSE through upper channels, but the fastest way to contact us is sending us the inquiry or e-mail directly! ▶▶BORDERLESS HOUSE [house list] in Taipei : ▶▶Ask BORDERLESS HOUSE staff to introduce houses :   After finding the house that you think is suitable for you, and before making the reservation, there are some questions you might have…  

Questions and answers

Initial Fee (Deposit)

In general, you need to pay 1~2 monthly rent as your deposit/initial fee in the beginning, so it might be a burden for you at first. Initial Fee of BORDERLESS HOUSE? We will only charge you 1500NTD for management fee and 5000NTD for deposit as initial fee.

Contract and duration of the lease

Any rights you have under a contract of renting house. You should check any contract terms carefully before agreeing to them, and, if in doubt, seek professional help. Understanding the whole contract is very important. The duration of the lease term is at least 6 months ~ 1 year normally in Taipei. ▷▷Contract and duration of the lease of BORDERLESS HOUSE? On your move in day, we will prepare the contract that is customized for our tenants. Our staff will explain the whole contract terms one by one to you before signing it. We also prepare different versions of contract which are written in Japanese, English or Chinese. In addition, the minimum term you need to stay in BORDERLESS HOUSE is one month, so you don't have to worry about that you are don't adapt to live here and you are with a long-term contract.


Safety and security must be the most important thing that you need to care about when you rent a room. Since there are many uncertain factors if you just see the picture or information on the house rental website. You can't know the house safety or the security of neighborhood and environment without doing room viewing. You also need to take all kinds of situation you will face or people you will meet into consideration. ▷▷Safety of BORDERLESS HOUSE? BORDERLESS HOUSE is a Japanese share house company. Our share houses are legal and we have superior quality of houses. We have share houses not only in Taiwan, but also in japan and Korea. You can see all the detailed information of our company and all pictures of houses on the website and you can easily to contact us. So, you don't have to worry about the safety at all if you live here. Moreover, we will have room viewing with you before you rent the room to let you make sure about the security of the house and neighborhood.


When you look for your accommodation, you will must think about the convenience of neighborhood, especially if you are unfamiliar with Taipei. You might want to stay in a place where is close to public transportation or in the city center that you can get your daily necessities or go to other places easier. However, the rent is more expensive on the flip side. ▷▷Convenience of BORDERLESS HOUSE? Our share houses are all located in the city center, such as Daan area, XinyiAnhe area, Taipower Building and Guting area. The house which is the closest one to MRT just a one minutes walk from house to MRT station, and the farthest one just takes 10~15 minutes on foot. Mostly, there are supermarkets or convenience stores nearby our houses. It's very convenient and easy for foreigners to live. ∆Surroundings nearby BORDERLESS HOUSE share houses.

Landlord and roommates

A good living environment is essential for good quality of life. The landlord and housemates are the keys to determine it. However, it's hard to know if your landlord and housemates are good or not before you move in practically. ▷▷Landlord and roommates of BORDERLESS HOUSE? BORDERLESS HOUSE is your landlord. There is all information of our company on the website and current tenants, so you can know everything before you move in to your new place. And our staff work every day, so you can contact us at any time, we are always happy to give help. Moreover, our tenants need to pass our screening before they reserve the room. Consequently, you will have good housemates here definitely. More Q&A of BORDERLESS HOUSE>> ∆Staff from BORDERLESS HOUSE and tenants.   With this article, we hope you can know more about the information of house rental in Taipei! If you are planning on looking for house in Taipei, and if you have any questions of renting a room here, please feel free to ask us!   Photo source: Rental TW
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