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Market (Picture's source: website)   Hello! This is Borderless House!   Happy New Year!!! Did you do anything to celebrate in your new year’s eve?   Hung out with friends, had a family reunion, or just stayed at home and enjoyed watching the fireworks on TV? In Taiwan, we also have another traditional Chinese New Year holidays during 1/27-2/1, and we have some special customs to celebrate! How about coming here by Free House Exchange Program to experience the bustling atmosphere? Let’s see what Taiwanese people usually do during this period!   Chinese New Year ( 1/27-2/1 in 2017) Red envelopes (Picture's source: website)   In Chinese New Year's Eve, people usually have family reunion and have dinner together! The elders in the family will give red envelopes with money to kids as a blessing and the kids will say something good to the elders as well. (For example, '' wishing you prosperity and wealth!'') After the kids grow up and make a living by themselves, they will give red envelopes to their parents and grandparents instead.     Spring Festivals couplets (Picture's source: website)   In addition, you can also see some people setting off firecrackers on the side of road. So it's quite lively and exciting! During this holiday, people will also clean their house together and stick a new pair of Spring Festivals couplets beside the gate.   Mahjong (Picture's source: website) Another interesting game for family reunion is definitely the Mahjong! It is usually played by 4 people, and the basic goal is to achieve one of the combination set by the rules as soon as possible. The fastest person to achieve the goal will be the winner. It is said that this game is not only fun but also can stimulate your brain! Why not come here and let Taiwanese friends teach you how to play and have fun together?   We really hope our tenants can get unforgettable memories by joining Free House Exchange! If you haven't become our tenants, welcome to join us :) !!!
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