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How to live in Taipei in Pandemic level 3 alert?

At the end of May, Taiwan experienced a surge in covid-19 infections. Some people even moved into Taiwan to take a break from the epidemic, where most people thought we perfectly controlled the outbreak of the pandemic. However, things have changed and seemingly, Taiwan’s pandemic situation will not be controlled in a short time, what should we do and what should we know during this outbreak?

Understanding the alert level and its regulation


For now, we are in level 3 alert. Based on CDC’s instruction, we should always wear a mask when going out. Also, all gatherings of more than 5 people indoor and more than 10 people outdoor are prohibited. Furthermore, all people coming into their workplaces should also wear masks at all times and observe social distancing in the meantime.


What if the alert level rises to level 4? As the CDC’s instruction indicated, it will happen when local cases are increasing rapidly and more than half of them cannot find the chain of infection. In level 4 situation, going out is prohibited except for buying medical supplies and essentials like food, water, etc., and people who work as front-liners and providing essential services like banks, groceries, …. Also, strict implementation of social distancing is required so gatherings are strictly prohibited. Even if we are home, we should always wear a mask or keep social distancing at all times.


Other than the regulations CDC indicated, we suggest that everyone should take a body temperature check twice a day, sanitize and wash your hands frequently, and clean the room frequently as well as keep our environment a clean place.


For more regulation which CDC indicate, you can check out here:

Where to know the latest news?


Aside from the CDC’s website, every 14:00pm CDC will have a Live press conference to announce the newest cases and measures to be implemented. You can also watch the Live conference on every news platform. Hence, we recommend the public add CDC’s official Line account to receive the latest news in real-time.

Where to buy consumables, sanitizers, and masks?


Although many markets and stores are not allowed to open these days, you can still purchase consumables in supermarkets such as Pxmart. (Though online order for Pxmart is temporarily suspended.) Also, you can find masks and sanitizers in every convenience store and pharmacies or you can find them in online stores such as PChome or Momo.

How can I know if I have contacted an infected person?


In case of physical contact with a suspected carrier or an infected person, you might get a phone call from CDC and they will instruct you whether to have self-health management at home or to have a COVID-19 test. If you have been in a place with suspected cases or confirmed cases, please monitor and observe if you have some symptoms like sore throat, fever, runny nose, headache, coughing, difficulty in breathing. In case you have these symptoms, please wear a surgical mask and call 1922 immediately.


For more information, you can also read the announcement on CDC’s website which mentioned above!


This is a hard time for everyone and for the world as well. However, if we can follow the precautionary measures from the government, avoid unnecessary gatherings, and wear masks all the time, we believe that the situation will be under control soon.

Stay safe and take care!

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