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International Share House Sports Day: 50 Adults Embrace Fun and Competition

Everyone!!! This may be sudden, but what do you think of when you hear the word "Fall?"

The season of eating! It's the time when you crave sanma (a type of fish) and sweet potatoes.

The season of culture!

The season of agriculture! Remember the Agriculture Experience Trip? That was fun...

Wait, aren't we forgetting something?

A season of sports!!!

Today, I'd like to share the highlights of the Borderless Olympics, an event where we had a blast! Reporting live, it's me, Yuya, your blog manager! By the way, I'm terrible at sports.

2020 is Coming! But Before That, We Held a Borderless Olympics.

Next year is Tokyo Olympics, what we've all been waiting for!

There are so many news on TV, like the plagiarism of logos,  the stadium taking longer for construction, the mascot character not being so cute,  and marathon being held in Sapporo.

Hearing the word, Olympics everyday makes us so excited!

What if I am in the Olympics? We want to do the Olympics.

If people of more than 50 nationalities live in Broderless Hoouse, can't we hold the Olympics? So!!

「SA ・KI・BA・SHI・RI」 (getting ahead)

We held a Borderless version of the Olympics!!

50 participants, and nice blue sky! The weather was perfect for a Sports Day.

Management and Planning all Done by Tenants!? An At- Home Event Created from the View of Tenants!

For this time's Boderless version of Olympics, abbreviated Borderlympic, the management and planning was all done by more than 10 tenants.

Programs were created based on the theme, " Adults be foolish and interact with people beyond your house mates."

Unlike events organized by staffs, programs created by the Tenants reflect their desires on what kind of interactions they are looking for.

Because we are not just a corporation for managing share houses, and our relationships are close with the tenants, we had an amazing day in an at- home atmosphere.

We were too excited that Tenant staffs were wearing the most athletic clothes, which I will mention later...

8 Programs at the Sports Day! Sports Day Only Exists in Japan?

When planning for the event, few foreign Tenants mentioned, "What is a Sports Day??"

In fact, only schools in Japan hold Sports Day as a school event.

For Japanese Tenants and staffs who has been experiencing Sports Day since Kindergarten through high school, it was a big surprise.

We want tenants who came from abroad to enjoy a traditional Sports Day!!
But, we also want Japanese people to feel something new with the nostalgic and make it an unforgettable day.

We were like we want to do this, we want to do that, and once we noticed, we ended up with 8 games!?

It was non stop, so the participants were out of breath...

But, everyone one was happy until the end:)

Next, what were the programs that made everyone sweat and smile?

First, the Radio Excercise. Wait! It's Not a Time for Free Acting!?

In order to do the programs without getting injuries, we need to began with a warm up exercise!

And we can't miss out "radio exercise!" It's a traditional warm up exercise in Japan.
When we were in elementary school, we did the radio exercise during summer break so much... but most of us only have a vague memory??
Because even the staffs in the front were making mistakes, once we knew it, everyone was just moving however they wanted.

No no, this is not a program to act freely?!!

A MC's voice spreads around the ground,

"Believe in Yourself!!!!"

Wait, what are we going to do when the MC is not leading?!

It does look fun...! But can everyone participate in the programs...!?

(By the way, this picture shows a Tenant jumping during the radio exercise. Nice jump!)

Ball Tossing Game and Tug a War! 38 year old gets serious.

When the warming up is over, we get into the traditional games.

Ball Tossing Game, Tug a War, Relay, all sorts of games!

Tenants who have never expereinced a Ball Tossing Game were like, "What? All we do is just throw??"

But do not blame the Tossing Ball Game.

It's so fun although it's just throwing. You feel the desire to throw the ball into that net.

The participants became really serious.

When you look closer, there is an adult standing out...

What, is that the President of Borderless House...?

Yes, our President participated! 38 years old, fought serious with the Tenants.

Although he was the oldest participant, he shot many goals with a great posture!
He influenced many other Tenants to get more serious.

The battle ends...!

The President's team won with 108 balls! He put his fist in the air!
Wait, let's let the Tenants win...

Looking for You and Goal in. Connecting, Scavenger Hunt.

The next program is the Avenger Hunt! It's a simple game where you try to find a participant who meets the topic!

Since we are an international share house, we have obstacles that are abnormal.
For example, "a person who can speak three languages," or "a person who has traveled to more than 10 countries!"

When you find out one thing about that person, you want to know more!

And you're able to goal thanks to that person!! Isn't this a great way to make connections? 

People forgot they goaled in, becuase they wanted to talk more!

Face Covered with Flour? The Main Game, Obstacle Race!

The main game is the Obstacle Race! The obstacles included, grabbing a bread with your mouth, running with a pin pon on a spoon, and finding a candy inside a pan with flour.

The last one is popular in variety shows, but we included it in our obstacle course this time!

When you dive your face into the pan, your face gets covered with flour!

We were first worried if everyone will be afraid to put their faces in the pan...??

But our worry was unnecessary!!

This program is a team competition! I will connect the baton no matter what! This strong feeling gets people into the white powder.

Their faces looked like a white mask! The people receiving the mask seemed afraid too!

A Friendship Beyond Share House. The more you sweat, the closer your relatioships can get.

Now, all the programs are over, and it is the awarding ceremony.

Since house mates were separated into different teams, everyone seemed nervous.

However, the cheering became louder, and they were hugging at the last ceremony.

The Tenant staffs were very happy to see that..

"The Tenats in Borderless House are such great people!! Organizing the event was really hard, but they enjoyed it, and I got to meet many new people. It was really great..."

This comment is a Tenant Staff, Mr. Y, who was wearing the best Halloween costume and won the individual relay.

Us, Borderless Staffs are grateful to hear see him this way, Thank You...!

The best part about sports is that at the end, participants, staffs, everyone is happy.

Borderlympic was a blast!!

Next is Christmas party! Who Will Get the Free Rent Fee from Santa Clause!?

Lastly, taking a memory picture with friends who competed together!

This event was a first attempt for Borderless House! It is the closing for Borderless Olympics.

Next event is December 7th!

We will be holding a Borderless House annual event, Christmas Party this year too!

A lot of gifts this year too!

We'll give away gorgeous prizes like a wonderful date ticket and free rent.

Borderless House is continuing to plan events where we can make "connections."

In Borderless House where tenants from more than 50 countries gather, not only you can learn English but also experience various languages and cultures, like a study abroad in Japan.

Every share house is adjusted to have a 50: 50 proportion for Japanese people and foreign people, so you can definitely experience a balanced international exchange!

Would you like to experience studying abroad in Japan in an international share house? Next event is Christmas Party! We are looking forward for your participation!

Now everyone, Adiós!!

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More wonderful pictures.

Tenants racing with potato sack seriously. Great jumping abilities.

Nice refreshing goal.

A young man and a Taiwan man trying to get rice crackers with their mouth.

Smiling Tenants with their prizes, JOGGO leather wallet.

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