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Share House in Nerima


Nature, tranquility and convenience: why not start share house life in Nerima?

A peaceful, tranquil area of Tokyo, Nerima, is only 10 minutes away from Ikebukuro, one of the city centre. Highly recommended for those who have school or work around Ikebukuro area!
Borderless House offers 2 share houses near Nerima Takanodai station, 6 minutes away from Nerima by train.

Share Houses accessible to Nerima station within 20minutes by train

Meet Japanese in a multicultural community house!

People from all over the world living under one roof to cultivating international cultural exchange. This is the concept of our multicultural share house community called BORDERLESS HOUSE.
We are creating a community space with locals and foreigners sharing the same house.

A Community Connecting the World

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