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We support you in all aspects of life!

Each staff member has made their own life-long memories through living abroad or in a sharehouse. From general inqiries about living in a sharehouse,From inquiries about life in a share house in general, to specific questions regarding a specific house's community and atmosphere, to assisting with problems post-move-in, to just giving advice regarding any other worries you many have, we are happy to guide you every step of the way. Feel free to contact us anytime!


Tokyo Branch Staff

  • House Management

    An-nyoung-ha-se-yo! Welcome to Borderless house! Kam-sa-ham-ni-da!

  • House Management

    'Stop dreaming, Start playing' Making your dream come true, starting with Borderless house!!!!!!

  • House Management

    Meeting new people will change you in a good way.

  • House Management

    Real 'Person to person' Relationship together!

  • Customer Relationship Manager

    We always welcome you at warmful our sharehouse!

  • House Developing, Marketing

    Striving to spread BORDERLESS HOUSE all over the world!

  • House Developing, Marketing

    Borderless house expanding the world

  • Marketing

    Let's be open to new experiences with new people at Borderless House!


Kansai Branch Staff

  • House Management, Marketing

    Your future will be brighter when you gather a courage to take a step.

  • House Management, Customer Relationship Manager

    Borderless House is full of meeting with various people and exciting days you can grow up!

  • Marketing

    Happiness held is the seed; Happiness shared is the flower


Seoul Branch Staff


Taipei Branch Staff

  • Annie.L

    House Management

    Let's create the days that we are together in the Borderless House!

  • Avery

    House Management

    Step outside the comfort zone and find the meaning of life in BORDERLESS HOUSE.

  • Heidi


    Enjoy life and experience the world with borderless house!

  • Nathalie

    House Management

    Let's live your best life in BORDERLESS HOUSE!!

  • Riley

    House Management

    Enjoy and creat amazing and one-of-a-kind experiences here!

Two ways to contact us!
If your specific requirements (area, budget, moving time, etc.) are fixed, please send us an inquiry form for a further consultation.