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Create Multicultural Society in
an International Community Share House

International Share House - 'BORDERLESS HOUSE' gathers young people from all over the world
living under the same roof to encounter with different cultures.
International Community

Share House

We offer a living environment where people can easily move in without a guarantor or high initial cost and provide 'foreigners' who come to Japan for work or study and for 'Japanese' who are interested in foreign countries with 'international exchange opportunities'. As we realize we can foster mutual understanding among people from all over the world by having them live in a family-like community.

There are not only benefits but also conflicts sometimes when living in a mixed-culture environment. However, by sharing thoughts and feelings from time to time to each other, people can build a strong relationship in which we can understand other cultures and perspectives deeply.


As a 'Creator'

of Multicultural Society
3 countries, 120 houses, over 10,000 tenants

We started our business in 2008 when foreigners who came to Japan often faced the problem of being rejected by the landlord when they were going to rent a place, meanwhile, share house was not popular at all. In addition to Japan, we expanded our business to Seoul, Korea, and Taiwan, Taipei, where have the same issues. At the moment, there are more than 120 share houses are running and the number of our tenants exceeded 10,000 in 2018.

We aim to build relationships among people with different backgrounds, such as nationalities, races, and religions. Creating such a connection is the greatest value of BORDERLESS HOUSE.

The goal of our business is Creating a multicultural society where people can understand each other's background regardless of race or nationality. There are more and more foreigners will be settled in Japan, and it is important that there are places where they can live in peace and harmony. We believe that by this solution which gathering people from around the world to live in a share house together is essential in a multicultural society.

As a 'creator' of Multicultural Society, we hope to accelerate the creation of an ideal society and to provide more people with opportunities of international living experiences, we aim to keep expanding our business.

CEO Lee Seiichi


Our Goal is
Creating a Multicultural Society with mutual understanding between each other and without prejudice or discrimination based on races, religions, genders or nationalities. In order to create an ideal world and for the purpose of promoting mutual understandings, we keep offering and creating opportunities of In-depth International Exchange.
Planting the seeds of world peace is our mission.
Staff Introduction


Company NameBORDERLESS HOUSE Corporation
Foundation May, 2008
Capital10 million yen
Employees38 (Tokyo 23, Kansai area 4, Korea 5, Taiwan 6)
OfficeTokyo office, Kansai Office, Seoul Office, Taipei office
AffiliationBorderless House Corporation belongs as a group of
Borderless Japan Corporation


2008Business Started. (The 1st house opened- BORDERLESS HOUSE Oyama )
2010Continue expanding BORDERLESS HOUSE, over 30 houses are running.
2011Overcame the Crisis of the Great East Japan Earthquake.
Over 40 houses running in Japan
2012Expanded our Business overseas to Korea, Seoul.
2013Tenants Only program started
- FreeHouseExchange Program
2014Expanded our Business in Asia to Taiwan, Taipei.
2015Expanded our Business in Japan to Kansai.
Over 100 houses running in Japan, Korea, and Taiwan.
2017Local Community Program Started at Kyoto-Kamigamo House
2018Over 10,000 tenants
Tokyo office
2F, 1-10-8, Yanagibashi, Taito-Ku, Tokyo, Japan
Kansai office
KeFU stay&lounge 1F, 880, Kirinoki-cho, Kamigyo-ku, Kyoto
Seoul office
5F-#547,11 Yeonhui-ro, Mapo-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea
Taipei office
Rm.13, 5F, No.25, Bo'ai Rd., Zhongzheng Dist., Taipei City