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Osaka Area Share House List

Live with the Locals in a Multicultural Share House


Let's enjoy international cultutal exchange with housemates like your family in full of humanity Osaka!

Many people are so warm that Osaka has long been said to be 'the city of humanity'. On the other hand, it has been said to be 'the city of comedy' as well.

There are also many humorous people, it is a city with a little different regionality in Japan.

One of the essential hospitality food of Osaka is Takoyaki. Actually, it is very common to hold a Takoyaki party at a welcome party for new tenants in Osaka share house.

As making Takoyaki is the first experience for most foreign tenants, at the Takoyaki party, we enjoy chatting while rolling the dough on a Takoyaki maker. Isn't it one of the most familiar and fun international exchange tools that you can touch Osaka culture?

Why don't you enjoy deep international exchange in Osaka share house that is warm community and you can find new encounters and discoveries everyday.


  • The closest station:13 mins walk from JR / OSAKA METRO BENTENCHO.
  • From the major stations:9mins from Osaka(Umeda) / 15mins from Namba
  • 8 tenants
  • Terrace
  • Bicycle parking lot
  • POINT1
    Convenient location! 9 minutes by train to Osaka station, 15 minutes to Namba station
  • POINT2
    Good living environment by big and Spacious living room and rooms !!
  • POINT3
    Nostalgic port area which still has traditional stores and public bath.


  • The closest station: 3mins walk from Tsuruhashi Station.
  • From the major stations:15mins from Osaka(Umeda) / 5mins from Namba / 6mins from Tennoji
  • 8 tenants
  • 5mins walk from the station
  • Terrace
  • Sunny
  • Convenience store within 3 min
  • POINT1
    Available for 3 railways, it is very convenient for going out on holidays and commuting!
  • POINT2
    You can enjoy a variety of cuisines including Izakaya(Japanese‐style bars) under the elevated track, stylish cafes, and even Korean foods.
  • POINT3
    There are all sunny rooms. Spacious and comfortable share house life.


  • The closest station:7mins walk from Subway Sennichimae-line IMAZATO.
  • From the major stations:14mins from Osaka(Umeda) / 7mins from Namba / 5mins from Kyobashi
  • 24 tenants
  • A floor only for female
  • Newly-built House
  • 5mins walk from the station
  • Convenience store within 3 min
  • POINT1
    Excellent access to anywhere in Osaka city, 2 stations 4 railways available.
  • POINT2
    There is a community space(39.74㎡) where all tenants can enjoy gathering and women's exclusive floor.
  • POINT3
    A large share house for 24 people, you can make a lot of friends who come from various countries.

Recommended spots around each share house.

  • Osaka Castle Park

    Speaking of Osaka's symbol, it's Osaka Castle. There are wide grounds, a BBQ square and a concert hall in the vast site of Osaka Castle Park where majestic Osaka Castle stand.
    Regardless of day and night time, many people play sports and musical instruments. There are also a lot of events such as YATAI Fes(local dish stalls festival) and Taifes etc.
    It is one of popular spots for our tenants because it is possible to walk from the Tamatsukuri House which is the next station of Morinomiya(Entrance of the Castle).

  • Tsutenkaku Tower

    The second famous sightseeing spot in Osaka is Tsutenkaku Tower.
    It is an observation tower in Shin-Sekai (a new world) where is said to be '' The birthplace of Kushikatsu (the specialty dish of Osaka)''. It is also designated as a tangible cultural property of Japan.
    The neon tower changing to 12 colors and the original character Billiken are famous.
    Additionally, do you know the fact that Tsutenkaku tell us the tomorrow's weather?
    Surprisingly, the round neon sign on the top of the tower displays the weather forecast using a combination of colors !


    At 300 meters, ABENO HARUKAS stand as the tallest skyscraper in Japan. It is a popular spot for tourists as a comprehensive facility that
    combines a department store, an art museum, a hotel, offices and an observation deck.
    The observation offers great views of the city and you can have dinner at the restaurant on the 58th floor while enjoying the night view.

  • Umeda Sky Building

    Umeda Sky Building is a strikingly unique and famous as a skyscraper like ABENO HARUKAS. The British publisher Dorling Kindersley included the building in a “TOP 20 BUILDINGS AROUND THE WORLD” that also included the legendary Taj Mahal in India, and Spain’s Sagrada Família. It is a very popular spot for foreign tourists.
    In addition, on The Floating Garden Observatory, there is a shrine venerating Kuchu Teien Daimyojin(god) which known for giving good luck for love.

  • Dotonbori

    Glico's large neon sign, Kani Doraku, Kuidaore dolls, the most famous tourist spots are here Dotonbori.
    An area through the Dotonbori River was commonly called Dotonbori. The river was well known for a place where fans jump into when the Hanshin Tigers won.*Hanshin Tigers - Professional Baseball team in Japan playing in the Central League
    Currently, it is well maintained and there are water buses which carries tourists.
    Umeda and Namba Dotonbori are the most famous areas in Osaka.
    It is the center of Osaka which is always crowded for shopping, dining and playing for tourists as well as locals.

  • Universal Studios Japan (USJ)

    Theme park universal Studios Japan was opened on March 31th, 2001.
    It is a popular sightseeing spot from tourists in and out of the country, and the number of visitors per year is over 14 million people.
    Attractions such as Harry Potter and Spider-Man and The Flying Dinosaur are especially popular.
    Also we can't forget to see the parade which is held everyday.

Meet Japanese in a multicultural community house!

People from all over the world living under one roof to cultivating international cultural exchange. This is the concept of our multicultural share house community called BORDERLESS HOUSE.
We are creating a community space with locals and foreigners sharing the same house.

A Community Connecting the World

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