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A Multicultural Share House Community with Japanese

People from all over the world cultivate international cultural exchange by gathering & living under the same roof. This is our
multicultural 'Community' share house 'BORDERLESS HOUSE.
We create spaces where locals and foreigners who share the same desire to meet and make new friends as well as to learn more about language and culture can communally gather. If you also are share these same desires, look no further than BORDERLESS HOUSE to provide you with this kind of experience!


Community with locals


Shared houses or rooms with Japanese tenants is guaranteed!
Immerse yourself in Japanese culture at home!

In all houses, 50% of the tenants are Japanese! We also arrange the nationalities of our international tentants in order to promote the greatest opportunities to explore foreign languages and cultures. From cooking dinner together to visiting popular local areas with you housemates, every day will be full of unforgettable international exchange moments!



'A desire to communicate and interact' is our main requirement for tenancy!
Your language will improve through every day life at Borderless House!

Living together with tenants who are interested in interacting and conversing builds strong relationships. Talking about each other's diverse backgrounds, countries, and cultures provide a great learning opportunity and will enrich your time in Japan! Importantly, it is a unique chance to improve your language skills. The majority of our Japanese tenants primarily move into Borderless House to make friends from all over the world!



Travel, Languages, Activities
Special program to share your life with Borderless Mates = people who have experienced living at Borderless House from all over the world.

Over 10,000 Borderless Mates at BORDERLESS HOUSE

10,000+ encounters and values
Share the experiences with 10,000+ people.

The number of new adventures is on your hands
we started this community platform where we gather everyone, Borderless House is more than just a place to live. Make the best of it during your stay and even after you move out.

More Info
A community connetcting the world.
Living with Japanese
is the best way to discover real Japan!

With the opportunity to live and make friends with Japanese, Borderless House will provide you with an unforgettable stay in Japan!


The Borderless House network does not just include current residents,
but also a network of over 15,000 previous tenants, hailing from various countries and coming from various backgrounds.
Hear testimonials and watch video interviews from previous tenants who share their experiences and honest reviews.

Read 'voices of the tenants'
We look forward to partnering with
and supporting you!