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Special Programs for our tenants ONLY!

We provide unique tenant-only programs that extend beyond just share house life.

You can stay overseas with Borderless House for free through our House Exchange Program. Teach and learn other languages through our Language Exchange. Get to know the Borderless House tenant community through other fun events as well! Our seasonal events regularly draw over 100 people, giving you the chance to meet a variety of tenants from all over the world!

※Programs may vary by intended country of residence.


Stay overseas with BORDERLESS HOUSE for free!

Because Borderless House operates in three different countries, we are able to offer this special program for free! You will be able to meet and make local friends right upon arrival. This program will make your trip more memorable than ordinary sightseeing travel.

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International Experience for All Five Senses

We would like you to touch different culture and enjoy the differences of each countries, this is how “BORDERLESS DINERS” was born. Once a every month, you can enjoy different cuisines in restaurant or catering! Eat!Talk! think! It is a hands-on program where you can enjoy international exchange with the five senses.


Gathering at BORDERLESS HOUSE seasonal events!

We presents various seasonal events to all BORDERLESS HOUSE tenants. We had over 100 participants enjoying 'ohanami' cherry blossom event. It's a great opportunity to meet people from other BORDERLESS HOUSES!

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