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We are currently developing 118 rooms with 7 share houses mainly in Kita-ku, Kyoto.
There are joint events with other share houses and local people.
It is an exchange place in Kansai where you can connect with a wide range of people.
    A share house located in a cultural district with temples and shrines and Ritsumeikan University / Bukkyo University. There are loft spaces in the private rooms over 6.5 tatami mats, complete with semi-double beds. It faces south and is excellent in the sun. All rooms have a balcony!
    26 people house / Newly built / All rooms have a balcony
    Shared room:¥49,000 ~ / Private room: ¥60,000 ~
    A share house in an area with a rich atmosphere where traditional houses are lined up in a narrow alley. It is an exchange place in North Kyoto that connects the Kuramaguchi House and Kinugasa House within walking distance. A living space with an island kitchen is a place for daily interaction.
    20 people house / Newly built / All rooms Private room
    Private room: ¥60,000 ~
    A share house facing "Kuramaguchi Street" where new and nostalgia meet together. There is also a fashionable cafe nearby which is a renovated 80-year-old public bathhouse. All the rooms are private, and the 2nd floor has a skylight and is very bright!
    14 people house / Newly built / All rooms Private room
    Private room: ¥62,000 ~
    A share house in the Kamigamo district of Kyoto with a traditional houses and beautiful river. Kamigamo Shrine, a world cultural heritage, is also a 3-minute walk. In the 42 tatami mats spacious living room, which is outstandingly bright, residents from all over the world interact with each other every day!
    24 people house / Newly built / All rooms Private room
    Private room: ¥50,000 ~
    A share house next to Myoshinji Temple, which is said to be the Imperial Palace of the West. The surrounding area is a quiet residential area away from busy downtown. Close to Ritsumeikan University and Kyoto University of Foreign Studies, it is popular with students. Recommended for anyone who wants to keep rents down!
    11 people / Within 5 minutes walk from the station
    Shared room: ¥39,000 ~ / Private room: ¥43,000 ~
    A 4-minute walk from Hankyu Saiin Station, which is convenient for commuting to work and school. It has a capacity of 9 people and is relatively small, so it has a homely atmosphere. The dining space with a face-to-face kitchen is a cozy space where you can always hear housemates' conversations.
    9 people / Within 5 minutes walk from the station
    Shared room: ¥45,000~ / Private room: ¥52,000 ~
    A share house located between Hankyu Saiin station and Omiya station. There are many convenience stores, supermarkets, and restaurants in the surrounding area, making it a convenient area. The living room with garden is always bright and bright!
    14 people house / Within 5 minutes walk from the station / With garden
    Shared room: ¥ 42,000 ~ Private room: 57,000 ~
International Exchange beyond the houses
Share houses in Kyoto are close to each other, and it is easy to create international connections.
There are regular joint events such as Christmas bingo competitions and hikes, and you are free to visit other share houses.
You can make friends across share houses, so the community will surely expand!
You can also participate in local events
We are also actively participating in exchange events with local people centering on Kinugasa, Nishijin, Kuramaguchi, Kamigamo share house.
At Kamigamo share house, participated in ward residents' athletic event and community clean-up. Kuramaguchi share house invites neighbors once a month to organize a dinner party with you!
There are many encounters through various events.

Kyoto Area Share House List

Introduction to Kyoto

Kyoto is one of Japan's leading tourist destinations with many world heritage sites, historic temples and shrines, and beautiful nature in each season. The area is roughly divided into five.

Central Kyoto, which has the busiest downtown areas, Karasuma and Kawaramachi. The eastern side, which is the highlight of Kyoto tourism, is dotted with famous shrines and temples such as Ginkakuji Temple, Heian Shrine, and Kiyomizu Temple. In addition to Kinkaku-ji Temple and Ryoanji Temple, the west side is where Arashiyama is famous for its trolley trains and the Hozukyo Gorge. Keihan trains, subways, Kintetsu trains and other trains and buses run around Kyoto Station, so the south side is convenient for transportation. The peaceful northern side of Mt. Daimonji, Mt. Hiei, and Kamogawa riverside.

Compared to Tokyo, the city is smaller, and the shops that are necessary for living are almost all nearby, making it a comfortable place to live.

How to use bicycles and buses

The city of Kyoto is divided in a grid pattern and there are few slopes, so it is very convenient to move by bicycle. Bicycle parking lots and share cycles are being improved. It is difficult to develop tracks on the ground to maintain the view, and even if the subway digs the ground, cultural assets will always come out, so trains are poor for large cities.

Instead, there are many buses in Kyoto, and access to major areas is almost covered by regular buses. The key to moving is to use them together.

Kyoto evolves with preserving tradition

Kyoto has the flexibility to adopt new culture while preserving good old traditions.

There are many interesting shops such as "Sarasa Nishijin" which is a renovated 80-year-old public bathhouse, and "Magazan Kyoto" which is a renovated dairy shop with the theme of staying magazines.

Why not explore the charm of Kyoto with your housemates?