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Share House in Akasaka


Start your share house life in Akasaka, a center of Tokyo

Akasaka is town where offices of many companies locate, such as Akasaka Sacas, which gather private TV stations. Also, many restaurants surroud them. Akasaka is very popular place as a center of Tokyo.
Akasaka locates in Minato-ku, and it makes you proud of you to live in Minato-ku itself. It would be so nice to start your share house life in Akasaka, which many people is longing for.

Share Houses accessible to Akasaka station within 20minutes by train

Meet Japanese in a multicultural community house!

People from all over the world cultivate international cultural exchange by gathering & living under the same roof.This is our multicultural 'Community' share house 'BORDERLESS HOUSE.
We are creating a community space with locals and foreigners sharing the same house.

A Community Connecting the World

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