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Borderless House Osaka Tamatsukuri –opening celebration party was held! <Kansai>

Greetings to all! This is Chang, a staff from Borderless House Kansai. On 11th February Saturday, we threw a potluck party with the tenants from 4 different houses,at our brand new <Borderless House Osaka Tamatsukuri>!! Here is a report about it along with the photos taken! Many of the tenants in <Borderless House Osaka Tamatsukuri> are share house beginners, and this was the very first house event held at the house. And so…we let the party begin with self-introduction session! A little bit of strained look in everyone’s face…seems like more ice breaking needed? After the self-introduction was the game session! The tenants teamed up as each house. We prepared 3 different kinds of games, and a big prize for the winner team: “rent discount ticket”!!! The first game: ping pong match on an international standard ping-pong table! Everybody frantically chases the ball for the rent discount ticket! Looks like everybody is enjoying themselves! Ice breaking succeeded?  :) The second game: the world wide famous JENGA! Considering its simplicity in rules, we thought each JENGA game will finish in a flash… but no! All our tenants are such good players, each game went on for at least 30 minutes! Look at everyone’s faces! So serious! And this JENGA tower…look how tall it ended up as, impressive! This has to be some professional level! After the 2 ice breaking games…the final game: pop-up pirate game!! All the participants got way more excited, as the winner team of this game wins the prizes! So which house was the lucky team that won the 1st prize eventually?? These two big boys!! The second prize winners were these lovely ladies! The prizes: a set of aroma oil and diffuser machine! (Good thing there are more female tenants in this house!) The third prize winners were these two fashionistas: 30 bars of takoyaki-flavour umaibo snacks!!! (Takoyaki –a dumpling with octopus pieces inside, dipped in a sauce; Osaka’s comfort food!) Not only the game sessions have ended in a great success, but also the tenants that participated have brought us a variety of delicious international dish and desserts! Korean bibim guksu noodles, gyoza, Vietnamese spring rolls, takoyaki, and sushi rolls…all this wonderful collaboration of multicultural food is also the perks of living in an international share house!  Everyone had a good talk and laughter over a table full of international food. This event became a great opportunity for both the tenants from Borderless House in Osaka and Kyoto (more than an hour apart by train!) to get together and mingle! The event ended in a big success, thanks to all of the participants! We hope to see you at the next event :) Now there are a limited number of vacancies at <Borderless House Osaka Tamatsukuri> after only 1 month since the opening! Please contact us if you would like to join us! BORDERLESS HOUSE Osaka-Tamatsukuri BORDERLESS HOUSE Kyoto-Kamigamo  
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