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Discover the vibrant heart of international living at Ikebukuro Oyama House!

Hello, everyone!

Borderless House operates 78 share houses across Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan. In these houses, individuals from various countries, cultures, and values come together to share their lives.

What sets our share houses apart is the unparalleled opportunity to enjoy international exchange simply by living your daily life. This time, we're introducing Ikebukuro Oyama House, a model example of the vibrant interaction among residents that Borderless House is known for!

We've had the pleasure of hearing from two current residents about the allure of living in Ikebukuro Oyama House and their experiences with Borderless House.

If you're curious, please inquire via the Ikebukuro-Oyama House page.

The perfect balance of convenience and a peaceful living environment.

Ikebukuro Oyama House boasts an ideal location, just a one-minute walk from Oyama Station on the Tobu Tojo Line.

The entrance to the house is on the second floor.

On the day of the visit, the weather was beautiful, and sunlight filled the space, making it shine brilliantly!

▲The photo was taken on a different day.

Near Oyama Station, there's the Happy Road shopping district that stretches north to south, lined with numerous eateries and stores for daily necessities.

The area around the house serves as a tranquil base for living, yet it buzzes with energy and is filled with people once you step into the shopping district.

Moreover, with Ikebukuro, a new urban center brimming with various trends, just a 5-minute train ride away, the location can truly be described as ideal.

Everyone is incredibly friendly! Enjoying the fun house life at Ikebukuro Oyama House

▲The communal living space, where residents gather to enjoy lively conversations, is a central feature of the shared area.

On the day of our visit, we had the pleasure of meeting two current residents. Despite the sudden visit, we were warmly greeted with smiles by Denise from Germany and Marcelo from Brazil.

▲In the photo, Denise is on the left, and Marcelo is on the right

We visited with Juri, a staff member of the house, and immediately started catching up with each other in English.

The defining feature of Ikebukuro Oyama House, according to both of them, is the vibrant interaction among the residents.

Denise, who moved in last October and is now in her fourth month at the house, particularly remembers the time spent during the Christmas party.

Amidst the nervousness of just having moved in, sharing a feast with other housemates, setting a budget for a gift exchange, and bursting into laughter while watching housemates dance around the Christmas tree...

She shared that the Christmas party served as a catalyst for getting closer to her housemates.

▲The Christmas tree from that time is still displayed in the hallway on the 3rd floor of the house.

Marcelo, who is in his seventh month of residency, recently went on a trip to Atami with his housemates.

They enjoyed the beauty of the "Atami cherry blossoms," which can only be seen in the winter, and relaxed in a foot bath they stumbled upon along the way, fully embracing the Japanese winter experience.

Even without seasonal events, you can enjoy international exchange in everyday life.

▲In the living room, there are photos of memorable moments taken with friends from Ikebukuro Oyama House.

Ikebukuro Oyama House is unique among Borderless Houses for having all private rooms, allowing residents to enjoy shared living while maintaining their personal space.

However, most residents often spend meal times in the communal living and dining area. It's commonplace for housemates to offer their food to others who join them at the dining table, saying, "Would you like to try some?" as part of their daily interactions.

Another wonderful aspect of Ikebukuro Oyama House is the tradition of always celebrating each housemate's birthday!

In February, three residents had birthdays, and the custom is to hold an individual birthday party for each person, rather than combining them into one event.

Not only current residents but also alumni and friends gather for these parties, enjoying fun times together. This tradition fosters a strong sense of community and lasting friendships among those associated with Ikebukuro Oyama House.

Are you ready to join the vibrant community at Ikebukuro Oyama House?

▲Ending with a flash of our best smiles!

For those who can move in by April 15th, we're currently running a "Spring Early Bird Campaign" that offers a special deal on rooms for a limited time!

If you're interested, please feel free to inquire through here!

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