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Over 100 participants attended! We threw a Christmas Party on December 9th!


Rudolph, the red-nosed reindeer~ had a very shiny nose~♪


Hi all! This is Kohei from a marketing team!

Christmas is just around the corner!

We had a Christmas party with over 100 people from various Borderles Houses on December 9th and today we would like to share it with you!


Click here for the video and you can see what the party was like!


All the events Borderless House creates provide you an international environment! Multicultural party unique to Borderless House!

We hired the place in Shinjuku for the party.
Staffs look like they are enjoying setting up for the party.


Doors finally opened! The atmosphere is getting lively by tenants streaming into the party place.


A tenant who holds the paper with number has him taken. What is going to be started!?


The party has finally begun! Kenny and Riko from Borderless House is setting up the mood for the party!


Various events to give a chance to interact with other participants.

There are some twists to make participants get close during the party!

Find your partner! Number matching!

The wrist band with number is used to find your partner. You find a person who has the same number as yours, you and your partner will get one drink for free!


We found many ways to make friends at the party! Some people willingly talk to others, some write their number big on a paper and show it, etc..

‘Nice to meet you!’ ‘How are you?’ Everyone is talking each other and having fun!

You will never be alone at the party even there is no housemates around you! We are not just friends, but borderlessmates!


Bingo game for one month free rent!

All the participants are photographed with number which is going to be used for bingo game! First prize is a one-month-free-rent!

Everyone got so excited when either you or your housemates got a prize!!


Congrats for the first prize!


The award for today’s best dressed!

This award determines a best dressed tenants.

2 tenants were selected for the prize! It was too hard for us to pick one.

The one in a costume of Santa Clause and the other one was DJing during the party!


‘Like’ the picture! The award for the most liked picture!

We gave this award to a person who gets the most ‘like’ on a picture taken during the party on SNS such as Instagram and Facebook!

The prize is a pair thicket for Disneyland & Disneysea!
There is a designated point for taking pictures in the party place. Snap with housemates and new friends!


She got over 200 likes on Instagram and won the prize!!



We all had a blast! We believe that only share house can create bond between residents!

We reaffirmed strong connections between housemates through the event.

As soon as one of their housemates went on the stage, the rest of them started screaming the name of their house!


Even though each of them lives in different Borderless Houses, they became friends through the party and also made some connections between houses.


This event made them have a wider circle of friends! (Some of our tenants sometimes have parties with friends from different Borderless Houses that met at our past events!)


The party brought ‘Borderless’ relationship between all the participants regardless of their language and nationality.

The party came to an end! We all took a picture together!

We will have more parties which bring connections between tenants in the future!

We assure that you will learn not only language but also Japanese local culture with your Japanese housemates in Borderless House!

Why don’t you try us and make your stay more enjoyable?


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