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What's about Borderless House

Foreigners 50%

Borderless House is multicultural community share house where people from over 50 countries gather.
By balancing the ratio of locals and foreigners to 50:50 in each share house, we create an environment where you can meet and make friends with Japanese.

64%of our foreign
tenants arestudents

Japanese Language school students
choose borderless house because...

Let’s make your stay a wonderful one
at Borderless House!

We have75houses,755rooms in central tokyo!

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The Naganuma School
The Naganuma School
Shibuya Gaigo Gakuin
The Yoshida Institute
KAI Japanese Language School
Tokyo Central Japanese Language School
ARC Academy (Shinjuku)
ARC Academy (Iidabashi)
Intercultural Institute of Japan
Akamonkai Japanese Language School
System Toyo Gaigo Japanese Language School
Kudan Institute of Japanese Language & Culture

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