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Discovering Machiya's Hidden Gems: Trendy Cafes and International Share Houses in Tokyo's Charming Downtown

Have you ever explored Machiya in Tokyo? Nestled in Arakawa Ward and along the Sumida River, Machiya is a unique blend of traditional downtown charm and modern redevelopment. But did you know that amidst its quaint streets, Machiya boasts a variety of stylish cafes?

In this feature, our staff, who have regularly visited for share house viewings, revisits Machiya to spotlight some standout cafes. We'll also introduce you to the "Borderless House," an international share house that's perfect for immersing yourself in the local vibe of Machiya.

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Getting to Machiya Station and What's Nearby

Machiya, situated in Arakawa Ward, is conveniently accessible by three lines: the Tokyo Metro Chiyoda Line, the Keisei Main Line, and the Toden Arakawa Line, also known as the Sakura Tram. With Nishi-Nippori Station just one stop away on the subway, you can easily transfer to the Yamanote Line. This means Akihabara is just about 15 minutes away, while Ikebukuro and Tokyo Station are around 20 minutes, and Shinjuku and Shibuya can be reached in approximately 30 minutes. The Sakura Tram, one of Tokyo's only two tram lines, offers a unique and scenic urban travel experience.

The area around the station is well-equipped for shopping and daily needs, featuring a large commercial center named SUNPOP and a supermarket called Akafudado, among other convenient shopping spots.

Right outside the station, you'll find "Machiya Avenue," a lively street lined with a diverse array of gourmet shops, from well-known chains to unique independent stores.

The Top 3 Cafes in Machiya You Must Visit


A mere 3-minute stroll from Machiya Station brings you to TOKYO L.O.C.A.L BASE, easily identifiable by its neon "CAFE" sign on a concrete facade. Located off the main street in a serene area, this trendy café offers a delightful menu, with a focus on tasty pasta dishes. When I visited during lunchtime, the place was lively with local customers, including moms with kids.

For my meal, I chose the day's special, Taco Rice, and the regular lunch option of Baked Spaghetti Sauce. A great touch to the daily special is the option for a larger portion at no extra cost, a hit, especially with male patrons!

The café is also well-equipped for remote work, offering both power outlets and free Wi-Fi, making it a great spot to settle in with a drink and get some work done.

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Just a short 4-minute walk from Machiya Station, you'll come across SALON DE STELLA, a charming cafe that opened in March 2023. The café is a haven of greenery, with large windows that bathe the space in sunlight, creating an inviting and airy environment. Here, you're greeted by the warm smile of the friendly female owner.

On my visit, I opted for the Black Sesame Kinako Latte and the Berry Berry Smoothie. The latte, infused with the rich aroma of kinako (roasted soybean flour), and the sweet, fruity smoothie were both exceptional.

The experience was made even more delightful by the owner's easygoing conversation. I also got to see a heartwarming interaction where boys from the nearby elementary school popped in for a quiz challenge with the owner. With its cozy atmosphere and the fact that the second floor doubles as a nail shop, it's the kind of place where you might just find yourself staying longer than you planned.

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PRESSO cafe&bar

If you're not just in the mood for cafe drinks but also fancy some quality alcohol, be sure to check out PRESSO cafe&bar, just an 8-minute walk from Machiya Station. Conveniently located near Machiya House 2, this cozy spot not only serves great coffee but also offers a variety of exquisite domestic and international alcoholic drinks and liqueurs.

During my lunchtime visit, I decided to try the Café Granita and the Caramel Salt Latte. Both were wonderfully creamy and rich in flavor, making them incredibly satisfying to drink.

While PRESSO mainly focuses on beverages, they occasionally host events featuring a food menu. I'm already looking forward to visiting in the evening next time!

▶︎For more information about PRESSO cafe&bar, click HERE

Enjoy the Blend of Old-Town Atmosphere and Modern Chic at Borderless House!

In this article, we've showcased three charming cafes in Machiya, but there's more to discover just off the main streets – you might find even more enchanting spots that capture your heart.

Machiya isn't just about its prime location; it's a neighborhood where the nostalgic feel of old Tokyo meets the sophistication of trendy cafes and shops. If you're looking to soak up this unique atmosphere day in and day out, why not consider living at the "Borderless House," an international exchange share house? It's the perfect way to enjoy the quaint charm of a traditional area while still experiencing the stylish flair of contemporary living.

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