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Savoring Autumn: A Gourmet BBQ Experience with Borderless House Community

Welcome back to Borderless House!

Today we'll delve into more exciting community information from Borderless House Kansai.

In this blog, we're spotlighting yet another engaging event for our residents – the 'BBQ Networking Event' held last November. This BBQ gathering, which saw enthusiastic participation from 15 residents, including both international and Japanese members, was a resounding success!

Let's dive into a quick recap of the day's lively happenings.

BBQ Networking Event Report

At this event, members from five different houses came together, making it a great chance to meet new friends from beyond our own houses.

The event was truly international! We had people joining from Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Australia, Mexico, France, Austria, Hungary, and many other places.

We were really happy to have our residents' friends join in too. It made the event even more fun for everyone.

Our BBQ took place at Expo '70 Park in Osaka. We had a lovely sunny autumn day, and the park's fall leaves were just gorgeous. It couldn't have been better!

Once we all said hello to each other, it was time to start the BBQ. Chopping veggies, grilling meat - everyone did a great job. Living in a share house really shows; our teamwork was amazing!

At the BBQ, while we were eating, everyone talked about what life is like in their own share houses.

It was really interesting because we all live in different houses. We shared tips on how to make living together more enjoyable, using our own experiences. This kind of chat, which is really special to Borderless House, made the day even more fun.

After we finished the BBQ, we all went for a walk in the beautiful, green park to enjoy the autumn scenery.

It felt like we had known each other for a long time, even though we had just met that day. Everyone was saying things like, "I had a great time!" and "Thank you for inviting me!" It was a day filled with lots of smiles.

In Borderless House Kansai, we've had lots of different events!

We plan to tell you more about what we do in our blog posts coming up. We'd be really happy if you keep an eye out for our new updates!

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