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2024 Early Bird Campaign - Secure Your Cozy Home in Japan at BORDERLESS HOUSE NOW!

Are you ready for a season of cultural exploration, global friendships, and memories that will last a lifetime in Japan? BORDERLESS HOUSE is excited to offer our Early Bird Campaign, a special chance for you to secure your place in Tokyo ahead of the peak arrival periods!

Details of the Early Bird Campaign

Embrace the upcoming year with BORDERLESS HOUSE, your first step into a new adventure, whether it’s for study, work, or personal growth. Our Early Bird Campaign is designed for those from abroad who are embarking on a fresh journey in Japan, not just for the winter but for the vibrant springtime too!

・ Typically, we hold rooms without any fees for up to 2 weeks. But, under this special offer, BORDERLESS HOUSE will secure your room for ONE MONTH at no additional charge!
・ Secure your room early without the worry of any hidden costs!

Requirements and Conditions

The Early Bird Campaign starts on December 1st, 2023and applies strictly under these terms:

  • Move-in date must be by April 15th, 2024
  • Exclusively for Non-Japanese Customers
  • Any changes to the move-in date are NOT permissible.
  • Altering the selected share house or room is NOT allowed.
  • Cancellation policy remains firm: No refunds will be issued post reservation confirmation after the Skype session. Click here for the details of Reservation Process.
  • Participating Share House Area: Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto, Kobe

※The following Share Houses are NOT part of this campaign: Shinjuku Honancho, Shinagawa Oimachi 1, Omori 2, Omotesando, Ueno Tabata 3, Asakusabashi, Jimbocho

A Glimpse into BORDERLESS HOUSE: Your International Home in Japan

Borderless House stands as a beacon for individuals who are drawn to a global, diverse living experience. We are more than just a housing facility; we are a community where cultures converge, relationships are forged, and global perspectives are nurtured.

Here at Borderless House, our residents dive into a mix of backgrounds, fostering a dynamic multicultural environment. Japanese language school students, exchange students, professionals, or globe-trotting nomads, all find a home with us, where they thrive in a space of mutual respect, growth, and cultural interchange.

4 Standout Features of Borderless House

  • International Community: 
    Enjoy the mix of different cultures with people from everywhere, all living together. Borderless House joins folks from various places, making a big family that appreciates our differences and helps everyone understand each other better.
  • Fully Furnished Rooms:
    Every room at Borderless House is fully furnished, providing residents with a comfortable and convenient living space. From private rooms to shared facilities, we ensure that our tenants have a welcoming home environment.
  • Language and Cultural Exchange:
    Boost your knowledge of cultures and languages by joining our events. Borderless House really pushes for people to learn from each other. With events, language exchange, and regular chats, people can get better at languages and learn more about other cultures.
  • Prime Locations: 
    Borderless House chooses optimal locations in central areas, making sure it's easy to get to transport, shops, and interesting places. This helps people really enjoy the local area and see what makes Japan special.

Embrace a Borderless Year in Japan!

Whether your journey is driven by education, adventure, or cultural curiosity, Borderless House ensures you step into an environment of inclusivity, warmth, and global harmony.

Seize this unmatched chance to join our multicultural family early! Immerse yourself in diverse cultures, build global relationships, and etch memories that last a lifetime.

Make the most of the BORDERLESS HOUSE Early Bird Campaign and stake your claim in our unparalleled Tokyo share houses. Dive into a community that truly embodies global unity and cultural richness!

Dive into our available rooms by exploring the links below:

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