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This is Hyesoon from BORDERLESS HOUSE Kansai office.

I guess there are many people thinking like this "I'm interested in a share house but what kind of people are living like"

So, here is the second blog which written by Nami who lives in Borderless House Kyoto Kamigamo!
She wrote in detail about the daily life of the share house.

Let's see one day of the share house‼

It is a report of Nami who is one of the tenants of Borderless House

This is Nami who is a tenant of Borderless House Kyoto Kamigamo.
It’s kind of sudden, what kind of image do you have about living in a share house?
When I started living in a share house, my friends asked me "Do you have a party everyday?" "Is it like a terrace house?"

So, this time I would like to tell you what kind of life in BORDERLESS HOUSE Kyoto Kamigamo.

■ 7: 00 ~ begin to hear the share mate's preparation sound

From around 7:00am, I hear the footsteps and conversation of the roommates.
There are not only students but also business person.
And each of them get ready to go such as eating break fast or taking shower.

Normally, there are more or less three people in the living room at 7:00am, most of them get up at around 8:00am.
Since my time to go to university is not fixed,
when getting up early, I stay in the room and read books, study and do some work until everyone comes up.

■10:00~ Free time

After finishing the breakfast, it's a time to relax. There are some people who have already left school or work.
On the other hand, some tenants have classes in the afternoon. They take a time as they like such as using personal computer, watching TV and studying.
For my case, my class started from in the afternoon, I thought taking a blanch with my friends at university! And then, I prepared for it and went out!

■ 18: 00 ~ Share mates do homework as soon as coming back home!

I went straight back home.
They always do their homework in the living room as soon as they get home. (Holding a study group for Japanese!) I often teach Japanese while cooking, and they also help me when I study art literature which was written in French and English.

The kitchen has never crowded until now, because the time each tenant comes back is different.
Some tenants sometimes share their meals and we often have cooking parties.

■ 20: 00 ~ cozy timeAfter dinner and finishing homeworks,

we have a good time with everyone such as watching TV together, talking about events that happened today. Most of tenants come back home around this time.
Everyone says Tadaima(I'm home) and Okaeri(well come back) when tenants come back home.

I think it is the share house-specific!

Everyone drank delicious sakes or ate snacks.

The time refreshed me completely!

■24:00~ Good night!

As expected, it was time to go to bed.
Oyasumi nasai (good night).

I think there are pros and cons of living in share house, but it depends on you whether the share house life will be good or not. Why don't you discover new things at the share house?

So, how do you think?
It was the story that you can see real daily share house life, wasn't it?!

Borderless House is available for staying from 1 month!
If you are interested in the house, why don't you come a room-viewing and ask questions directly to tenants and our staff about life at the share house?

There are rooms available from now!! ↓ ↓ ↓

<Borderless House Osaka Toyonaka 1>
**10 minutes to go to Osaka station and there is a free Japanese class at the closest station of the house.
<Borderless House Osaka Toyonaka 1>

**Good access to anywhere in Osaka city
<Borderless House Osaka Tsuruhashi 1>

**Only female floor available,
<Borderless House Osaka Tamatsukuri>
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