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Now that 2020 is over and done with, it is time for new beginnings. To be honest, most of us are relieved and feeling like some heavy burden has been lifted off our shoulders with the end of 2020. People are associating a feeling of solace with the end of 2020 because this year has been full of anxiety and unsettling surprises for all of us, to say the least.

So, even if we don’t know if 2021 will be any better, we are certainly hopeful. Many people who were feeling lost in the last year are also looking for new ways to re-start life in 2021 with zest. And what better to begin life anew than by relocating to a new place?!

Moving to Japan

To say that life has been hard during the last few months would be an understatement. Therefore, in 2021 many people are planning for new beginnings by moving into new spaces and exploring new options. Now, for such people moving to Japan is an exciting prospect. In between its love for new technology and modern cities and its respect for ancient culture, Japan is an alluring destination. The cuisine here is pleasantly delicious, and the beautiful quiet destinations that are tucked away in the lap of Mother Nature in Japan are purely enticing for anyone who wishes for new beginnings.

But with that said, it needs to be mentioned that relocating to Japan is not easy. With its popularity and zeal for life, not everyone gets a chance to build a life in Japan. However, armed with the right knowledge and the courage to make correct decisions, one can increase his chances of finding a new life in Japan. Thus, to aid those who are serious about beginning anew in Japan, we have created a guide through which you can learn everything about starting a new life here. Have a read?!

Beginning a new life in Japan

Here is all you need to know about making a new life in Japan.

Legal requirements

If you are planning on relocating to any country, the first thing that you would need to know is the legal requirements of procuring a visa. Now, in the case of Japan, fortunately, these legal requirements are quite simple. Japan is one of those few countries that follow an almost identical visa process for everyone regardless of the matter whether you are an American, British, or Australian. So, all you have got to do is to apply for a visa at the closest Japanese Embassy or Consulate General in your country along with these documents

- Your passport
- Your Photograph
- Your visa form
- A certificate of Eligibility, original and a photocopy

Now, procuring the first three items on this list must be simple. However, if you are hearing this term, the Certificate of Eligibility for the first time, then you are not the one to be blamed. In simple words we can define this document as a certified letter that you will need to get from a Japanese person, typically your employer, suggesting that he guarantees to support you financially for the time you will be staying in Japan. Now, in case, you are a student who is moving to Japan to complete your studies, the letter will have to come from someone at the School or University that you will be attending. Once you submit all these documents to the Embassy, your legal obligations should be met.

Cost of living

If you are considering moving to Japan for beginning a new journey, then there are certain factors about living here that you must consider. One such factor is the cost of living in Japan. Now, the cost of living in Japan is radically high. You can thank the location of this country for this scenario. Japan is an island nation that is surrounded by water on all sides. As a result, most of the stuff here is not grown but imported from other nations. This is why the cost of food and drinks in Japan is higher than that of other countries. 

Now, if you are moving to Japan and you plan on eating out, then you must know that the dinner meal here consisting of food items like a noodle, curry, and hamburgers, costs about 500 to 1000 yens. However, if you chose to dine-out at an average restaurant, then you should expect your expenses to increase to somewhere between 1000 and 3000 yens. So, only if you believe you can afford these expenses should you move to this nation. 

Finding a Job

To procure your visa and to sustain yourself in Japan, you will need to find a job. Now, getting a job in Japan is not very easy since most companies here like to offer employment opportunities to the native people in Japan. The reason is simple, the natives are fluent in Japanese, and they don’t need training in Japanese customs and culture. However, that doesn’t mean that all the doors are closed in Japan for foreigners. 

So, if you are a foreigner who wishes to live in Japan and you have command over your English, then you can begin your life here by scoring the job of an English teacher. The demand for English teachers is high in Japan at all times, so if you have teaching skills, you can apply for this job. Another option for you can be to search for work in Japan in the IT field. This sector is always hiring good prospects from abroad to work with, given that these people have considerable knowledge about their field. Borderless House also provides Housing and Career Support Program which helps you to find jobs in Japan.

Find a home

Of course, when you relocate to a new apace, one thing that makes it to the top of your priority list is finding a suitable home for yourself. Now, in Japan, if you are living in one of the big cities like Tokyo or Osaka, then affording a house in such areas is a challenging prospect, to say the least. The rates of properties in these posh localities are so high that even renting a flat here is a big deal. However, we do have one solution for you, the BORDERLESS HOUSE.

Yes, BORDERLESS HOUSE is a place that offers tenants, both foreigners and natives alike, space to stay at minimal rent. The pros of living in such a place far outweigh the cons. In here you get to afford a shelter at minimal rent, you get an opportunity to stay and learn from natives the customs and language of Japan, you get an easy-go at making friends, and you incur fewer expenses for additional facilities like the internet, water, gas, etc. since you are sharing costs with so many people. Now, BORDERLESS HOUSE is starting a new campaign to offer shelter at discounted rates to individuals who are beginning their new lives in Japan from April. So, if you are relocating, then this is something you must check-out.


Fix-up your insurance

The healthcare costs in Japan are too much to bear for an ordinary person. Thankfully, the Japanese government has taken this into account and designed a healthcare system that is largely geared towards its people. So, while it is the responsibility of people to carry their insurance, it falls upon the government to see that everyone gets access to the insurance services through a universal healthcare insurance system. The prices of these insurance services are determined by the Japanese government.

So, in some cases, like that of parental care or screening and exams, if you need healthcare assistance, then 70% of the costs of your treatment will be borne by the government while you will be responsible for the rest of 30% of the amount. Thus, if you are planning on starting a new life in Japan, then it is advisable to get healthcare insurance. Doing so will save you from bankruptcy if someday you happen to need healthcare services.

Learn the language

If you are starting a new life, then you would want the people around you to treat you as an ordinary person, like somebody who is one of them. However, this becomes difficult when you are a foreigner who is not privy to the customs and traditions of the land and who doesn’t understand their language. Thus, to truly feel like one of them, you will need to learn about their customs and language. 

For doing this, living in BORDERLESS HOUSE provides a great opportunity. It is so because when you live in BORDERLESS HOUSE with other natives, you get a better chance of observing the Japanese people closely. Staying around them 24*7 makes it easier for you to soak in their language and traditions. 


Beginning your life anew is not easy, and if you are considering moving to Japan to start new, then all this can feel a little overwhelming. However, if you will follow our suggestions and advice, you should be fine. So, all the best!

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