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Hello there! This is Borderless House, ringing in the New Year with you!

Happy New Year to everyone! As we kick off 2024, we're excited to fill you in on what's new at Borderless House in the Kansai region.

We run a network of 55 share houses in Japan, with 11 of them located in the vibrant Kansai area, which includes Osaka, Kyoto, and Kobe. Our share houses in Kansai may be fewer in number than in Tokyo, but they offer a close-knit and lively community feel that's really special.

In this spirit, we're thrilled to bring you a special feature on a highlight event from last year – the Udon Making Experience, proudly hosted by Borderless House Kansai!

Cooking Up Connections: Udon Making Workshop

We had a great time hosting an Udon Making Experience in the kitchen at Ritsumeikan University in Kyoto.

The idea came from one of our university student residents who loves food. Before leaving our house, they wanted to do something fun and special with everyone.

The event was a big hit! We had 20 people join us, including international students from Ritsumeikan University and friends of our residents.

Udon is a popular dish that many people, including foreigners, enjoy eating. But making udon from scratch is something not many people, even in Japan, have tried. This event was a fun chance for everyone to try making udon themselves.

The best part of making udon? It was stepping on the dough!

It was a strange and fun experience to make food by stepping on it. This surprised everyone who joined in. We all stepped and pressed the dough very hard.

After stepping on the dough to make it firm, we rolled it out and cut it into noodles. Everyone was excited to try cutting the noodles, even though it was new for many of us.

We didn't just make udon. We also tried making inari sushi and shiratama, a sweet dessert.

There were 20 of us, and we worked in teams. This way, everyone got to taste what we made. We all helped each other and worked well together in the kitchen!

Funny thing about the event – none of our team or student members had made udon before!

We were all starting from scratch. But we really wanted to make the event enjoyable for everyone. So here's a little secret: we stayed up late the night before practicing how to make udon. Everyone got a good laugh when they heard about our last-minute training!

At Borderless House Kansai, we didn't just stop at udon making. Throughout the past year, we organized a bunch of different events! We're excited to share more stories and updates on our blog. We'd love it if you keep an eye out for our future posts and enjoy them!

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